Windfall of Cooperation: Maximizing the Power of a Religious Commune

Let's go over the broad strokes of living in a Religious Commune versus in secular society.

Political Representation

By strategically placing a Commune within key congressional districts, one could possess huge political power over State and Federal legislators. This is crucial for the next issue.


Assuming that the Commune votes as a bloc and everyone votes as a matter of course, it could allow the Commune exceptionally generous terms from the IRS and other regulatory agencies.

This means that when it comes to its non-profit status, the Commune won't be challenged. As the Commune grows, it will become more and more politically untenable to challenge its tax status without compromising the careers of key Congressmen.

Even without any special subsidies, the pursuit of which can vitiate the Commune's special standing, non-taxable revenue for all the inhabitants alone will allow the Commune to distribute wealth according to her vision, not those of some miserable atheist bureaucrat or neurotic oligarch Fabian socialist.

Legal Protection

Any experienced lawyer will tell you that judges, not laws, matter. Again, because of concentrated strategic voting power, the Commune and her inhabitants will enjoy far stronger legal protection from both capricious martinets and bigoted bureaucrats.


Of course, the Commune must possess spiritual integrity: if she becomes a den of iniquity or betrays her own purpose, then even the Secular society would turn on her.

However, if the Commune produces beautiful and sublime Ideas and induces large, happy families, then she will vindicate herself in the eyes of even a most benighted public.