Wikileaks Psyop Revealed: NeoCons Forcing Insiders to Reveal Wikileaks & DNC Hack was Psyop

NeoCons are causing too much havoc both within the US and abroad to allow the insiders behind the Wikileaks psyops to remain quiet.

BIG NEWS: Baltimore Sun OpEd by ex-NSA & CIA Officals

In a Baltimore Sun editorial, today, it was revealed by William Binney and Ray McGovern, retired senior NSA and CIA officials respectively, that the DNC emails were never hacked.

The emails were leaked.

As we mentioned earlier, Wikileaks and the Russian hackers were a ruse meant to provide Vladimir Putin a way to withdraw from Ukraine with honour: it was part of his deal with Kissinger to end the war in Ukraine and establish a new order in the world, with America more secure than ever.

NeoCons Playing Games, But Time Running Out

NeoCon opportunists are trying to exploit the enforced silence on Wikileaks' true source to try and force Trump to capitulate on Crimea. NeoCons want to force the issue of Wikileaks either being a ruse to cover for Putin or an "act of war", as McCain said during the hearing. In either case, McCain and his NeoCons sabotage Kissinger's plan to recognize Crimea as part of Russia in exchange for Russia's withdrawal from the rest of Ukraine and support against China.

McCain: Bluffing Wikileaks & Russian Hacker Ruse Insiders

McCain, being a season politician, knew the insiders behind the Wikileaks and Russian Hacker psyop were not keen to prematurely reveal that the Russian Hacker narrative was a ruse, and so he declared the Russian hacks "an act of war".

McCain makes these provocations, such as calling the bogus hacking "an act of war by Russia" or visiting the front lines in Ukraine, to squeeze Kissinger on the eve of a major peace treaty in Ukraine and Russian foreign policy realignment.

Kissinger wants to keep the ruse alive as long as possible to help close the peace agreement between Putin and Ukraine and break the Russian-Chinese alliance.

NeoCons: Insulting Obama Only Helping Putin

NeoCons began believing their own hype: they call Obama stupid, feckless, and inept, and the media feeds on it. This is actually the brilliant part behind the Wikileaks psyop, since this disparagement is key to the ruse.

NeoCons Admit the Ruse Worked: Putin's Own Men Think Trump is His Bitch

NeoCons, thinking they're proving Trump is a "Russian agent", have adduced statements from NSA officials that the Russians speak in disparaging terms about Trump.

That's exactly what Putin needs: Putin needs every man in the FSB, government, and military, especially senior men, to think Trump is his bitch.

NeoCon Spin on Wikileaks' & Russian Hacker Windfall

NeoCons spin this to make Trump look like some sort of Russian traitor, where in fact, it's all part of the plan to end the conflict in Ukraine in accordance with Kissinger's vision.

Putin Needs Everyone to Think Trump is His Bitch, or It Is WW3

When Putin withdraws from Ukraine, if Putin had to admit the sacrifice of the Russian people and the lost and mutilated men of Russian forces was for nought, he would be assassinated.

While Putin will keep Crimea under the Kissinger plan, without his own elite thinking Putin was Trump's master, he would face assassination and Russian would experience a globally-destabilizing coup.

Putin Policy: Russia on the Brink

Russians are patriotic and ready to fight for their country, but they are sick and tired of the leadership under Putin's imperial administration: austerity, the physical and psychological toll of war, and frustration with the situation in Syria and Ukraine have pushed many Russians to the brink.

Putin knows all of this, and he needs to get out of Ukraine, fast. (The Germans already pushed him out of Syria and made his remaining forces a proxy for the EU in Syria, as we mentioned in an earlier article.)

The Russian people are losing patience with Putin, and soon, they will openly defy his dwindling authority.

Putin Falls: West Pays

Putin has a blackmail option on the West: the wise and responsible leaders in the West fears a collapsed Russian state more than an aggressive one. A failed Russian state today, with ISIS and nationalist factions seeking WMD's, would fundamentally undermine global security.

NeoCons Want to Force Putin to Capitulate or Die in Russia

NeoCons are not interested in the peace deal with Russia: they want to block Kissinger and keep the pressure on Putin till he either capitulates in shame or is overthrown by his own men.

This strategy is reckless, as it pushes Putin into the hands of global extremists groups and the Chinese.