Why Thiel & Bezos Hate Each Other: Gawker

To give some context for the oligarch wars, today, we shall appeal to hallowed antiquity.

Gawker Outed Thiel as Gay

Normally, for a typical progressive oligarch, this would be a neutral to even positive event.

However, those behind and supporting Gawker sought to undermine Thiel with this attack.

Bezos Supported Gawker Attack on Thiel

Bezos publicly supported Gawker's outing of Thiel.

The question is, why would Bezos support outing Thiel, and why would Thiel be so averse to revealing his homosexuality to the public?

Gawker Attack on Thiel Attack: Attempt to Discredit Thiel's Political Image

Thiel's political base is the Right and Far Right.

By outing Thiel as gay, using Gawker to provide deniability, the Bezos & Google oligarchs sought to discredit Thiel before the Right and Far Right that Thiel depended on for his political power.

Team Trump: Hear the Lamentations of The Amazon Shareholders

The Saga of the Great Oligarch wars is far from complete: anticipate continued lobbying and fighting between the Bezos/Google faction, with their own insiders within DARPA, the military, and the CIA, competing with those of Thiel and Team Trump and their respective insiders.

It is my opinion that the outcome of this war will only weaken both parties, as they slowly and then quickly burn the country to the ground during this conflict.

This creates opportunity for an ambitious General to take control of the US, but that is for a later post.