Weinstein: Sacrificed for Greater Good

Weinstein was sacrificed.

Weinstein was sacrificed by the Deep Power(define as you wish) in order to prepare the American public for a Trump impeachment, specifically, one relating to a "piss tape".

Trump Impeachment: Left Hegemony Risks Civil War

The Deep Power of the US realized that if Trump were impeached and the Left were left unscathed, it would prove just as destabilizing and destructive as leaving Trump in power.

Therefore, they reached a compromise: take-out a few key players, diminsh the prestige of the Left's institutions and backers, and then, once the Left was humbled, release "the tapes" and remove Trump from power.

Humiliate the Power - Save the Country

By humiliating everyone, the Deep Power can remove Trump, forestall civil war, and keep the public confused and distracted long enough to find new players to replace those unable to return to public life.