Uranium 1: The Key to the Iran Deal

There is a real story behind Uranium 1, and it goes far, far beyond anything intimated in the media.

Think back to 2008, when Iran was in the news even more frequently than North Korea is in the news, today.


The most significant political event in the world was about to occur.

Iran: Blackmailing the World With McCain

Recall McCain singing about bombing Iran?

Such a war would seriously jepoardize the interests of the Fabian Oligarchs: thrusting the US deeper into Imperial & Perpetual wars in the middle east could give the M.I.C. & Oligarch Right the means with which to secure even more power, under a national crisis, from the Left Fabian oligarchy.

A lot of heavy-hitters, including people in the GOP, did not want McCain in charge.

Team Clinton: Implementing Kissinger's Plan to Save the World From McCain

Seeing this threat from afar, the Clintons were mobilized (Clintons get paid to do things: they never initiate on their own) by Kissinger to neutralize the Iranian nuclear menace.

Enter: Russia

Russia already has a natural gas cartel in Europe: GAZPROM. However, the Russian elite always felt anxious about GAZPROM's sustainability and real leverage.

Any new opportunity to establish (and brag) about a "strategic monopoly" proves irresistable to any potent Russian's appetite!

Uranium: Russia's New Cash-Cow

Kissinger proposed a deal to create a new sort of "cartel" for Russia, entailing the enrichment and marketing of nuclear fuel.

There was a very successful Uranium cartel in the 1970's, and so establishing a new one wasn't inherently problematic.

Support the US on Iran, and You Get Your Cartel

If Russia acted with good faith on the Iran crisis, then, in exchange, the US would support a Russian nuclear fuel monopoly, from uranium mining all the way to fuel enrichment and marketing.

Uranium 1: Key to the Iran Deal and New Order in Middle East

By challenging the legitimacy of the Uranium 1 transaction, Trump threatens to fundamentally vitiate the basis of the Iranian consensus and humiliate all parties entailed.

Russian Pressure: Iran-deal Advocates Pressuring Putin to Keep to the Terms

The sanctions, non-stop media blitz, and anti-Putin pressure have all been applied to coerce Putin to keep the terms of the Iran nuclear deal.

That Trump wants to "be friendly" with Russia really means he wants Russia to break the deal, which Putin will do... provided Putin gets what he wants.

"Russian Hacking"

The "Russian Hacking" of the election was the Trump Team trip to Russia in 2014, where they discussed, with Putin, a strategic realignment in the middle east.

This means that Trump's Team went to Russia to negotiate with Putin an alternative strategy for Iran and the near-East, counter to that sought by his opposition.

It is for this reason that Trump wants to keep his Russian portfolio discreet, because his team did discuss a new world order with Putin, in 2014, and the crux of it was abrogating the Iranian nuclear deal.

Trump: Invoking "Samson Option"?

Would humiliating all parties in the Uranium 1 scam cause a political fallout that would result in war with Iran?

It is uncertain, but it does add another potential for blackmail by Trump against his adversaries.