Trump Thwarts China in Pakistan: China Pivots to Red Sea With EU

Today, we had the spectacle of another "mysterious" missile broadcast: instead of rockets and aliens over LA, which, later turned out to be a social-media message tuning prior to the CIA's Iranian provocations, we had a crisis in Hawaii, which was yet another mysterious ruse.

Of course, this ruse was orchestrated by Team Trump, with the full and total connivance of Tulsi Gabbard.

To find out why, let us look at the current focus of Team Trump's intelligence and influence efforts: South Asia, specifically, Pakistan.


Pakistan is a disaster.

Between lawlessnesss, corruption, a pandemic of child-rapes & murders, and, well, being a veritable and consummate SHITHOLE, Pakistan has foundered into the unenviable position of dependency upon China.

Pakistan, as I mentioned in a prior post, does still possess a dangerous military elite and spy network. It looked as if China was preparing to mobilize this asset to pin-down the US, strategically, and possibly even blackmail Europe.

Pakistan Near Collapse: Operation Samson Active

Because Pakistan faces collapse, her military elite has decided to engage in a provactive exchange with the Indian government: it literally escalated into nuclear threats, today:

Pakistan has decided to provoke India into a conflict along the LoC, then threaten nuclear retaliation were India to respond.

It is a dirty trick, and Team Trump will not be blackmailed by these shit-kickers.

Team Trump: Scaring Shit Out Of Pak Army Elite

Today's message in Hawaii was directed to the Pakistani Army: Play games and threaten nuclear war against India, and you all die: you, your families, and everyone you love, will die.

Without Blackmail Value, Pakistan Becomes a Pure Burden to China

Without any value for blackmailing her neighbors, Pakistan becomes a pure burden for the Chinese government.

There is no appetite within China to prop-up or support Pakistan -- NONE.

Without any near-term strategic value, the Chinese not only face further chaos and instability in their South-Western frontiers and Uyghur regions, but also the financial and political burden of propping-up the anarchy that is Pakistan.

In addition, unlike the DPRK, there is neither a racial nor spiritual bond between the Pakistani people and China: it is strictly a pragmatic alliance, and while a deep and old one, still a practical rather than the deeper racial and spiritual alliance with the hyper-Confucian DPRK.

China's Soft-Underbelly: Uyghur Uprising

China is terrified of two things:

  • Falun Dafa
  • Uyghur Jihad

With Pakistan collapsing, fomenting a Uyghur separatist movement within China is not a problem for the US, especially if China continues to refuse to capitulate on the DPRK nuclear issue.

Drain China's Will And Bring Kim Over

The reason Trump entertains public diplomacy for Kim Jung Un, while also harrassing and testing China's resolve in South Asia, is to not only give Kim Jung Un political cover for a concession, but, also, demonstrate the weakness of his main ally: China.

The thesis is that if Team Trump can break China in South Asia, then DPRK will roll right into Team Trump's hands.

I don't believe it will work, but it is a superior strategy than outright attacking the DPRK, which is political suicide.

China's Next Move: Pivot to Red Sea & Ally With Europeans Against Trump

Unless Pak Army generals are willing to actually die, which is unlikely, Pakistan looks like a lost cause for China.

China has to regain prestige, somehow, and that means finding another theatre where she has much better leverage.

In the case of a strategic defeat in Pakistan, China's response will be to cut her losses in South Asia. Then, China would shift-theatre and perhaps risk more direct confrontation with the US military in either the Red Sea or East Asia, herself.

As of now, the best option for China is to press Trump on the Iran Deal, threatening to risk it all to sabotage Trump's efforts to thwart the Iran Deal and upend both Netanyahu and Mohammad bin Salman's unpopular governments.

China must continue to establish a common front with the EU on overthrowing pro-Trump governments along the Red Sea, with priority on Mohammad bin Salman in Saudi Arabia and Netanyahu in Israel.

Watch Pakistani News...

Maybe the Pakistani military and intelligence elite isn't bluffing: perhaps they really are ready to die, along with their families.

However, I am skeptical.

We will find out, soon: watch the Pakistani brass and spymasters.