Trump's Foe in Ukraine -- Crushed!


This topic is important, because it will be a source of much of the anti-Trump rhetoric and activity we shall see in the near future.

There has been some major news in Ukraine, and it is important because the situation in Ukraine can either help or hurt Trump here, in the US. Ukraine is a rallying cause for many within the defense and intelligence establishment, and the Ukrainian cause can be used to attack Trump for being too soft on Putin, if not outright friendly with him.

If Russia wins in Ukraine, the remaining anti-Trump defense and CIA holdouts will lose a lot of support. They will try to sell and provoke a major conflict with Russia in a desperate attempt to undermine his Russian partnership, but many (of course, not all) will begin accepting the new order under Trump.

If Russia loses in Ukraine, this weakness will cause even more opposition and sabotage against Trump from within the defense and intelligence communities, despite having Mattis at his side.


Putin's main adversary in Ukraine, an oligarch named Igor Kolomoisky, recently had his bank nationalized by the government of Ukraine. You have to understand how these central banks work, especially in corrupt places like Ukraine: it's a mafia bank. If you have friends in high places, you can have one dollar in reserves for every 50 in your customer accounts, and the central bank will cover for you.

When you lose these friends in high places, you are out of luck, and guess what: you're nationalized!

Now, to understand what really happened to our Ukrainian oligarch, we have to go back, yet again, to Israel: Igor Kolomoisky is not only Jewish, but he is a major donor to the Messianic Chabad organization and is very active in Israeli politics. Kolomoisky has an active relationship with Mossad's centrists and leftists, and so you would think he is fairly safe.


During the Russian invasion in 2014, Kolomoisky ran the most effective defense campaign in Ukraine. Under Kolomoisky's able leadership, many Russian insurgents were arrested or killed. If he were not around, much more of Ukraine would have been lost to Russia.

Kolomoisky is Putin's main adversary in Ukraine. In fact, Kolomoisky even bragged after the sanctions were slapped on Russia about buying-out all the Russian companies after Russia collapsed and Putin was overthrown(which clearly never happened).


Kolomoisky's former allies in Israel have all but abandoned him since Trump. He has lost a lot of his protection and support. Why?

Recall our article about Obama's Iran deal: it all goes back, yet again, to the West Bank: With Trump in power, the Israeli centrists have all turned Right, wanting to use Trump as an opportunity to annex more land in the West Bank and build new towns, new communities, and grow NEW VOTES!

You must remember one thing that is extremely imporant: the first country to recognize Israel when it was first established was not the US: it was the Soviet Union. In Israel, Russia maintains big influence within parts of the Israeli elite, in particular with the Israeli Right and far-Right.

This means that in order for the West Bank annexation to succeed and be recognized internationally, the Israeli Right needs not only Trump's but Putin's support, too. Kolomoisky is not only opposed to the West Bank annexation plan, but the end of his Israeli support and protection was a key condition for Putin's blessing of any West Bank annexation by the Israeli government.

Without his Israeli support, Kolomoisky has found himself high and dry. Let's hope the anti-Trump CIA bloc doesn't try to use him in some desperate attempt to sabotage Trump's administration.