Trump's Evangelical Leaders: Perpetual Suckers No More

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Some former staff from the Bush Jr. administration have recently joined Kushner's team. This has aroused concern that the NeoCons have regained influence or have forced a concession from Team Trump, but it's not the case.


We already wrote about the Evangelical influence conduit that runs from mega-churches in Texas, clips a coupon at Ted Cruz's office, and then off to various West Bank charities. From these various West Bank charities, the Israeli Right channels influence back to Chuck Schumer and other moderate and Left-wing Jewish and Zionist politicans within the US.

NeoCons Humiliated Evangelicals Under Bush Jr.

Under Bush Jr., the Evangelicals suffered enormous humiliation, as they soon realized their sincere support for a supposedly "religious Administration" became one where their loyalty was repaid with "compassionate conservatism", conceeding to the socially-liberally NeoCon donor influence.

The NeoCons, who are pro-gay marriage, amongst other issues, demonstrated the need for an Evangelical hitman, not servant, in the White House. They lost faith in professed faith and turned to raw strength: Trump.

Evangelicals: Devil They Know

With Trump, the Evangelicals know full-well they're electing an unrepentant and flagrant sinner, but they are just fine with that: they want a devil they know, a man with whom they can make and keep a bargain, rather than a weakling who vacillates before opinion polls and socially-liberally elites and donors.

Former Bush Jr. Admin Cronies Joining Kushner Team

The former Bush Jr. administration cronies joining Team Trump are EVANGELICAL, NOT NEOCON, advocates and advisors. NeoCons have no place in Team Trump and remain enemies of the State.

While the evangelicals fell under the NeoCon umbrella during Bush Jr., it is a mistake to apply that paradigm, today: they are mortal adversaries, fighting to the death.