Trump's Austerlitz: The Traitors Left the Pratzen Heights!

Trump's victory is certain: the Traitors left the Pratzen Heights and charged into the feigned retreat artfully conducted through Trump's dismissal of General Flynn.

Flynn Dismissal

Like all loyal Trump supporters, we were disappointed by Flynn's dismissal. It compounded the dismay we felt after all the violent and lawless manifestations against Trump and the coordinated and attending non-stop media assault.

Team Trump Wiser Than We Are

Team Trump did not heed our insistence to mobilise: instead, with their superior information, they waited till the Traitors launched their counter-coup so they could fully display the treachery of the NeoCons, Cucks, and Liberal Establishment.

Sleepers Have Awoken

Men who were passive or cynical about politics for decades, because of this outrageous news regarding Flynn's dismissal, have now been roused to Trump's revolutionary cause.

These are high-quality Trump supporters, now psychologically primed to defend Trump against any coup attempt at any cost.

Trump is stronger than ever with these men ready to defend the Republic.

With Even Greater Support, Now Trump Attacks

With his heretofore sleepy supporters now ready for battle, Trump has maximised his coalition and deepened his bench.

The Left & their Cuck allies have no idea what they have done: with their treachery, they awoke the necessary high-quality and elite Trump supporters required for total victory.

The Left & Cucks now have an entire theatre opened against them, which they have left completely undefended, because they never even anticipated it existing in the first place.

He Who Defends Everything, Defends Nothing

Trump received criticism for sacrificing Flynn, but all he did was sacrifice him to draw-in the NeoCon, Cuck, and Liberal forces off their Pratzen Heights into his final trap: overt Treachery.

Why Defend Flynn When You Can Destroy THEM?

If Trump engaged in an exhausting debate to defend Flynn, he would have only fallen into the Traitor's battlefield of MSM, spin, and outrage protests.

Flynn had an appointment with Destiny.

What Are the American Pratzen Heights?

The Pratzen Heights for Trump is Republican legitimacy, as in the Constitutional Republic, not the odious Republican Party. By overtly eschewing Republican legitimacy and embracing sedition with the "Deep State" against the Fundamental Governing Principles of the Republic, the Trump opposition abandoned its Pratzen Heights and now has no moral, legal, historical, or political legitimacy.

The Trump opposition is without a legacy outside of pure power-politics and mob-rule. It is chaos and without a basis in the governing establishment, and this is true chaos, not the insubordination and sabotage that the MSM characterise as "chaos".

Draw the Enemy From the Pratzen Heights

Trump needed to escalate, not de-escalate, to take the Traitors out of their preferred battlefield and onto his own, a entirely new and much more dangerous battlefield for the Treachery coalition.

Don't Fire Till You See the Whites of Their Eyes

Because there is no truth to the slanders against Trump, especially in relief to Obama's outrages, Trump will prevail when the curtain finally drops.