Ken Frazier: #MeToo'ed

Ken Frazier was one of Trump's vaunted "killers".

That he's a scumbag Pharma CEO doesn't surprise anyone.

Trump Solider, Pharma Bro, Flips on Frazier

In his first television interview since being convicted of two counts of securities fraud and one count of conspiracy, Shkreli said Mr. Frazier is “self-indulgent” and is “politicizing the moment.”

“I think that he is supposed to be advising the President on manufacturing, let him advise him on manufacturing. He is not here to talk about anything political or anything about race relations or anything about what happen in Charlottesville. He’s here to be the President’s economic advisor,” Shkreli exclusively told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo of Mornings with Maria.

Pharma Bro, Martin Shkreli, was one of Trump's Saboteurs, sent to rock the Democratic oligarch faction within the pharma industry and destabilize Hillary's donor class.

Shkreli, one may recall, was facing imminent legal annihilation, but he escaped destruction by offering himself under Trump's Special Order No. 227, sacrificing his identity and soul for the Trump Train.

Why Does Ken Frazier Matter So Much?

In a normal period, Ken Frazier would just be another player in the GOP swamp, hustling and scamming the system for his own enrichment and aggrandizement.

However, today, now, is very, very different from before:

We are #metoo.

Larry Nassar: Executed by Democrats, Not Sessions

Our early post on Larry Nassar was wrong: it was the Democratic elite, not Sessions, putting the heat on Olympic prostitution scandal.

Note the identify of his attacker during the court drama:

IBEW 665 Member

Yes, the Unions wanted to make it very, very clear to Trump:

We Can Do This To You, Too.

Back to Ken Frazier...

Ken Frazier: Led PSU Cover-up of Sandusky Sex Abuse

Ken Frazier defended Merck from lawsuits associated with Merck's lies about the dangers of its drug, Vioxx.

Naturally, a fraud and gangster with such talent was rapidly deployed to silence another crisis: the Penn State University child-rape scandal, associated with its football coach, Jerry Sandusky.

The PSU Sandusky scandal is so atrocious, if the whole truth were to emerge, there would be actual violent revolts throughout America.

Sandusky Child Rape Scandal

Jerry Sandusky ran a program for vulnerable children, and apparently, he not only raped some of these children, but also prostituted them out to others.

This started in the 1990's.

Merck: #2 Donor to Jerry Sandusky's Child Rape Foundation

With the connivance and knowledge of Ken Frazier, Merck was the #2 donor for many years to Sandusky's "Second Mile Foundation", a glorified pedophile brothel.

Jerry Sandusky: "Upgraded" to Medium Security Prison???

Jerry Sandusky, an arch devil, has actually had his prison conditions upgraded, from Maximum to Medium: that's a substantial quality-of-life improvement, for him.

What secrets is he keeping, to receive such indulgent treatment?

Who is protecting him, and why?

Ken Frazier: MeToo'ed

Ken Frazer is scared: his white-washing of the Sandusky scandal consciously deprived innocent children of justice because it profited his career and ambition.

With the hyper-successful MeToo campaign engendering mass hysteria and sensitivity to sexc crimes, he can no longer dare to cover for Trump's elite network of pedophiles.

Ken Flipped to Save His Own Skin

Ken Frazier flipped against The Donald because, clearly, he sees the menace in the Sandusky scandal exploding.

If he cooperates with the Left, they promise not to destroy him... like all those other CEO's, who have resigned.


Meanwhile, In Israel...

The MeToo campaign is coordinated with an all-out assault against Netanyahu, within Israel.

WHEN, not if, Netanyahu falls, it only accelerates Trump's reckoning, as he loses key protection and support from the Jewish bloc, even on the right.

Trump Administration: Collapses Before September, 2018

Trump, with the pending explosion of the Sandusky scandal, and a disasterous foreign policy imperiling the United States, will not remain in office as President of the United States by September 1, 2018.

A veritable deluge of calumny, indictments, and atrocities will descend upon his administration, and Trump and his administration shall collapse.