Trump Trolling NeoCons into Russian Trap

Trump has grade-A troll-game. It is not only what won him the election, but it is why he keeps winning every fight in achieving his focused policy objectives.

Big Picture

As we have mentioned many times already, Trump represents the ascendence of the Kissinger faction over the NeoCon/Globalist Unholy Empire.

Execution Risk: Hold-outs, Saboteurs, and Rogue Agents

There are many whose careers and ambitions will be ruined by the Trump-Kissinger victory over the NeoCons & Globalists. These losers can sabotage Trump, from starting a war in the Balkans to provoking civil unrest within the US itself. However, this is relatively minor threat compared to a much bigger problem: a politically potent NeoConserative GOP.

Trump: Need to Humiliate and Crush NeoCons Faction of GOP

In order to achieve his pragmatic domestic and foreign policy objectives, many of which are moderate if not overtly liberal, Team Trump needs to finally crush his main political nemeses, the NeoCons and their sympathizers within the GOP establishment.

Recall: Hacking/Influence Conspiracy is a Ruse

We have maintained that the entire "Russian hacking/influence" campaign was a ruse originating from deep within the elite of the US, not Moscow and certainly not Putin.

Putin, Trump, and Obama have all coordinated this ruse to allow a safe and stable transition for not only a new administration, but to stabilize the Global Order in a manner that would make Metternich proud. Please see our earlier articles which elaborate on this brilliant bit of diplomacy and public media manipulation.

Paul Ryan: Nemesis of Trump and the American People

Paul Ryan must be gelded: as a button-man of the NeoCon-aligned oligarchy, he represents an existential threat to all the patriotic and good-spirited reforms that Trump seeks to implement, including:

  • Prescription Drug Reform & Fighting Big Pharma Mafia
  • NATO Reform: Making the EU Its Own Pole in the World Order
  • Government Contractor Monopolies & Profiteering
  • Dumping Oligarch-Globalists Who Undermine American Hegemony with Their Insincere Dollar-Diplomacy Against China
  • Protecting American Workers and preserving wages for both skilled and unskilled labor in the remaining few jobs yet to be automated
  • Maintain obligations under Paris Climate Agreement
  • Implement anti-Trust legislation against Internet Monopolies (all of whom are Globalists and support Paul Ryan and the Cuckservatives and NeoCons)
  • Prepare the US healthcare system to eventually implement a single-payer model

Trump Can Do It All, But He Needs a Cunning Plan So He Can Pivot Left

Trump has a lot to do to save America from these wily NeoCons and their rapacious masters, but he needs to bait a bloody trap in which to deprive them of credibility, especially when Trump must pivot publicly to the left in order to implement many of these policies which are certainly not considered "conservative" by his GOP critics.

Solution: Draw GOP Critics into Bogus "Intelligence War" Media Storm

Using well-placed and cunning media agents, Trump has managed to get all of his NeoCon critics on the same side of the bogus Russian hacking/influence non-event.

When the FBI and various other agencies finally reveal that there is nothing behind the allegations, the NeoCons and Cuckservatives will have exhausted their audience's patience and lost crucial credibility in public, giving Trump the flexibility he needs to collaborate with the moderates and Left in order to achieve some of his key policy objectives.