Trump Supporters: Mobilise Immediately or Face Destruction

The Left made a major coup, yesterday, that explains the renewed and continued vigour of their counter-revolution against Team Trump.

Hollywood: Unleashed in New China Deal

Hollywood can now freely market its media in China, whereas before, it was subject to many quotas and restrictions. This means that Hollywood earns a massive revenue and profit windfall, likely in the billions and compounding annually.

Under normal circumstances, this would most likely just be mostly about money, not power. We no longer live in a world of normal circumstances.

Hollywood's New Off-Shore Leverage Against Trump

By diversifying outside of the US, the Hollywood Liberal elite not only have a new massive revenue source with which to maintain their political power, but they also have a market outside the reach of any government agencies, giving them a free hand to fight Team Trump however they wish and with no concern for retaliatory strikes against their companies or colleagues.

Quid Pro Q(K)uo: Market Access in Exchange for Anti-Trump Allegiance

As we mentioned before, the Chinese government always demands political favours when making strategic trade deals.

In this case, the Chinese require committed, coordinated, and efficient resistance against Trump. This could prove catastrophic, as China can now coordinate regional Asian aggression with her newly-financed and confident Liberal Hollywood elite allies.

Left Mobilising for War

The Left has already begun mobilising supporters for every function and role in its upcoming civil conflict with Team Trump.

UC Berkeley: Test-Run

The UC Berkeley riot was a test-run for what is to come from the Left.

Trump Supporters Naive and Complacent

Trump supporters, meanwhile, think they "have the police on their side". The conceit that the police will risk their pensions and careers to save Team Trump will prove fragile.

Left Plan for Overthrowing Trump: Divide & Conquer

The Left has analyzed Trump's coalition and will slowly whittle away at each component of it, one by one.

First, come the police.

Left Sending Agent Provocateurs to Undermine Police Support for Trump

There was a mysterious incident in Dearborn, Michigan, a few days ago, when men carrying assault weapons, supposedly to assert "open carry freedom", walked into a police station wearing ski-masks.

The incident ended peacefully, but the Left will continue to provoke the police, in key battleground regions nationwide, by sending unhinged White Right Wing Nut Jobs(RWNJ's) to harrass or provoke them.

It only takes one or two shootings between RWNJ's and police to weaken the supposed union between the police, who want to protect their own families and pensions, and the Trump administration, a comparative abstraction and far away.

The Left's goal with the American police is to convert those police departments in key battlegrounds to either flip to the Left or simply not interfere with their plans to foment strife and paralyze the local government.

The die-hard Trump-supporting Sheriffs and police precincts will not be targeted by these provocateurs, as the Left can't afford to waste its energy on low-yield targets.

Prepare to see more strange and eventually deadly confrontations between errant RWNJ's(agent provocateurs sent by the Left) and police, all meant to demoralise the police and sour their attitude towards Trump and his movement.

Operation Cuck-Harvest: Left's Suicide Protest Operations Against Trump

Before the Left mobilizes an actual fighting force, i.e. men with guns and armour or better known as a Left Wing Death Squad(LWDS), it needs to cohere its forces with ever stronger defiance and motivation. This requires martyrs.

The Left is preparing civil disobediance actions against various Trump executive orders and policies that will result in Left-wing KIA's at the hand of police or possibly Trump supporters.

Outcome of Left's Martyrdom Operations: Trump Hemmorages Cucks

With dead and injured Liberal protesters strewned over the battlefield, many Cucks will begin to lose the nerve to continue supporting Trump, especially in public.

Trump's troll-army will prove ineffective, as visceral fear from real street fighting will prove far more potent. Also, people have already radicalized on the Left and are no longer susceptible to the Trump Troll means of warfare.

After Harvesting Cucks, Left Will Go Hard Again After Police

The police or other agencies responsible for the dead Leftists will suffer relentless public attacks from the Left on social media and in the MSM.

In some cases, the Left may sanction physical retaliation against certain parties to intimidate the stubbornly defiant.

With Cucks slowly inching away from Trump "because he caused all this fighting", the police will become even more reluctant to stick their necks out for Team Trump.

With Police Neutralized, Mass-Protests and Strikes

With police neutralized in key battlegrounds, then the Left will paralyze entire regions with strikes and protests, as we saw in UC Berkeley.

Terrorize the Silent Majority

The purpose of these massive manifestations is to terrorize the Silent Majority into obediance. When this happens, Trump will be overthrown, and his government will collapse.

Time is Running Out: Trump's House of Cards

Every day, the Left is getting better organized and stronger. Meanwhile, Trump supports exult in their electoral victory and naively think that "the government" will "do its job".

The lazy and frankly naive assumption that "the government" will automatically keep Trump in power in the face of a huge counter-revolution will cost Trump his office.

Trump must immediately mobilise his supporters in the streets and begin a massive show of force nationally, including battle-ground regions.

Problem: Trump Mobilising His Deplorables Means Becoming a Real Populist

There is one major problem with Trump mobilising his supporters and becoming a street-fighting President: he will have to betray or fire men in his cabinet and men in his administration who aren't willing to shed blood to stay in power.

The Left Wants to Cut Trump's Ties His Oligarch Backers

This means Trump's alliance with many commercial interests and oligarchs will come to an end. By mobilising the Deplorable Militia, Trump has to then share power with them, and his oligarch buddies will not like that.

Treachery from Within: Left then Entices Trump Oligarchs to Betray Him

Yet another viper in the den are these oligarchs, currently loyal to Trump, who may baulk when the blood-letting and street-fighting begin and their commercial interests suffer or become victim to Leftist and Chinese retaliation.

These pro-Trump oligarchs will be asked to help finance and organise the Deplorable Militias, and between the cost of financing Deplorable Militias and losing trade and assets to Leftist attack may prove too much for them.

The Trump oligarchs may talk a big game, but at the end of the day, they prefer money to principle. The Left banks on this and will try to pry them away from the Trump Team, one by one.

Nightmare Scenario: Trump Reduced to White Nationalist Militia

The Left desperately wants to reduce the Trump administration to an isolated, paranoid White Nationalist administration, which can then easily be defeated.

Attrition of Will: Time for Deplorable Militia to Manifest is NOW

Trump can stop this by maintaing his coalition and showing his strength immediately, in the streets, with men in hardhats and carrying baseball bats fighting for him against the anti-fascists.

Trump must brace himself for a bloody, long fight with the Left. It has already gone to the streets, people will die, and the Left will not stop until Trump is out of power.

As long as cynical advisors and oligarchs persuade Trump to "let the government" handle the protestors from the Left, Trump will continue to hemmorage support and legitimacy against the Left.

Trump is running out of time. He must purge his crony oligarch backers and advisors who are opportunists, not true patriots, and lead his Deplorables in the streets into battle.