Trump Salts the Earth (Against the Left)

Team Trump woke up to the emerging threat, and they are very scared.

Salting the Earth

In the past few days, Team Trump has orchestrated the collapse of entire governments, notably, the Saudi government, to create the necessary fait accompli to protect his position within the Whitehouse.

By toppling as many pro-Left foreign allies as he can, he will try to leverage them against the global interests of the American Left.

It won't work.

Team Trump: Too Weak to Fight Left Face-to-Face

Trump must fight abroad and overturn the Left's global allies, rather than directly confront the emerging Left counter-revolution, because his domestic coalition is too weak and, critically, lacks the will to remotely match the sacrifice made by the Left's elite.

This very dynamic demonstrates his faction's weakness.

Team Trump Thinks They Can Contain the Chaos

The major flaw with Trump's strategy is that he can both create chaos, abroad, yet control it.

This is extremely difficult to do: even master diplomats, such as Kissinger, have failed doing this.

Trump's Strategy Gives Left Initiative

Despite his short-term gains through purging the allies of the Left, Trump's conquests are ephemeral: he underestimated his opponent and lost the initiative, and now he is playing recklessly to try to consolidate his power.

The Left can now choose the time and play of the next "crisis": Trump is entirely predictable and has now cohered a global alliance of terrified powers that previously were ambivalent or indifferent.

Left: Must Encourage Trump's Recklessness

The Left should continue to goad, provoke, and lead Trump deeper and deeper into his foreign policy agitations: in the end, he will go too far, and he will not be able to get out of it, personally, without capitulating to the Left or causing a huge war.

This Ends in War or Trump Impeachment... Or Both

This attrition of wills will end in Trump's defeat: either Trump will bitterly cling to power as the US enters a foreign war, or the Left manages to humiliate Trump in time before the M.I.C. Hawks get their man to push the button.