Trump Playing the Villain: Making Europe Great Again

The big boys in the EU (Merkel is a man/borg) are working hand-in-hand with Trump to give the EU a purpose and strengthen it.

Recall Kissinger Objective: Make Europe Great Again

Kissinger despaired at the desultory Europe, drowning in confusion and self-serving bureaucratic delusions. He, along with the EU elite, want an active Europe with its own army.

An EU Army requires more, not less, fiscal integration, key for the stability and any hope of growth in the European economy as a whole.

Trump: Playing the Bad Cop

Trump's job is to play the "bad cop": Merkel & Co. desperately need to terrorize Europeans into giving the Establishment another chance.

With Trump playing the role of the "mad man" existentially threatenting the idyll that is Europe, Merkel can succeed in re-election, preserving the Establishment and coherence of Europe.

Merkel: Better Odds Winning With Trump or Hillary as President?

Ask yourself: would Merkel have better odds winning re-election if Hillary or Trump were President?

The answer is clear: a truculent, obnoxious, and menacing Trump will help Merkel and her team increase, not just maintain, their power.

Proof of Merkel-Trump Alliance

The proof of the Merkel-Trump alliance is in foreign policy, where they are working together closely in the Middle East and in containing China.

If Merkel were to make overt gestures or statesment supporting Xi over Trump, then you would know for sure that the Merkel-Trump alliance has broken. Nothing like that has occured nor should occur.

Media Hysteria & Trump Trolling: Rebuild Enthusiasm

The Euroskeptics had the initiative until December, when Germany finally retaliated against Putin and killed his ambassador and choir for Putin's hand in fomenting & inciting ISIS within Europe.

Now, with Russia collaborating with Germany and the US, there should be no reason that with enough panic generated by the "mad Trump", Merkel and the European establishment can fail to not only regain power, but take Europe to a level of integration never before possible: an EU-wide European Army under a common EU-controlled command.