Trump and Netanyahu, Singing Together: Milo & Amona

Two things happened, today, and it appears they were coordinated, since the Same Side controlled their execution: Netanyahu & Trump are dancing together.

Netanyahu's Wall Tweet

Last week, Netanyahu tweeted in support of Trump's wall, saying they have effective walls in Israel, too. Netanyahu did this to reduce pressure on Trump from moderate Jewish politicians and lobbyists.

Milo at Berkeley

Milo was at Berkeley, and as usual, there was a riot. Ok, nothing that special, although this was a relatively messy riot by American standards.

The ensuing riots in Berkeley had the intended effect of making the Cuckservatives and Democrats look ridiculous. Team Trump won.

Amona Evacuation: Torture Democratic Jewish Congressmen

The Amona settlement was forcibly evacuated, today. There are still stragglers barricaded inside some of the homes, and the police are preparing to force them out, too, now.

Dragging Religious Jews out of homes is never good for the moderates and moderate-right Israeli politicians who are against the settlement expansion. It's even worse for their Jewish colleagues in the US Congress.

Religious Jews went bananas and howled at their Congressmen in the US. Given their power and financing of many Congressional campaigns, the Congressmen were forced to listen.

Coordinate Milo & Amona to Maximise Pressure on American Jewish Politicians

By coordinating Amona with the provocative Milo visit at Berkeley, Team Trump put enormous pressure on key American Jewish politicans, namely Chuck Schumer and Barbara Boxer.

Trump needs to squeeze the Jewish Democratic Congressmen to start moving his policy, and by giving political cover for the Jewish Democrats to go right, Trump can slightly nudge left and work with them on healthcare reform(i.e. crushing pharma mafia), infrastructure financing, and repatriating labour to the US.