The Triumph of the Left's Will

As I mentioned a while back, Weinstein was the first of many blood-sacrifices to the anti-Trump cause.

New Left Leadership: Not Compromised By "Swamp"

The new leadership being installed into the "Neo-Left" has been vetted to be quarantined from any of the Clinton mafia associations.

Leaders like Bernie, who have broad and popular support amongst both "liberals" and moderates, shall replace the erstwhile leadership elite of the Left.

Huge Development: Donna Brazile Indicts Clinton

Donna Brazile, today, said that Clinton indeed did rig the primaries against Bernie.

This was unthinkable, even a few months ago.

Left Stealing Trump's Clinton Scalp

The Left is purging itself to front-run Trump's anticipated indictment of Hillary in the Uranium 1-Iran "scandal".

Trump in Serious Trouble

Trump is in great danger: his team never anticipated that the Left would propitiate the gods with the blood of its kings -- NEVER!

Bannon, Mercer, the Scaife-clan... they all assumed that the Left elite would rather grind on in comfort than suffer personal risk and harm for a greater cause.

They assumed the left elite was like they are: cynical and only interested in a popular movement that redounded tangible, personal benefits, not demanding sacrifices of fortune, honor, and legacy.

This oversight of Team Trump will be Trump's downfall.

Left's Turn to Troll: Escalate Social Tensions

Snoop Dogg's provocative anti-Trump album cover was no accident: it was meant to provoke the "culture wars" at a time precisely when Trump should not invoke those demonic forces.

Team Trump responses to coordinated anti-Trump provocations, such as Snoop Dogg, are anticipated to further embarrass Trump, since his supporters, now comfortable with the new norms of trolling, are expected to respond in a manner that alienates many Americans.

Gut-Check for Team Trump: They Know They Are in Trouble

What the Left did is a huge "gut-check" for Team Trump: is any one of Trump's oligarchs willing to make the same, let alone greater, personal sacrifice that many in the Left have made?

My answer to this is clear and simple: NO.

Defections: Next!

The smart people in the Trump Admin should see the reality, that their opposition is disciplined, organized, and ready to sacrifice Kings to win.

The smart ones will defect.

The dumb ones will be fired by Trump.

The unlucky ones go to exile, prison, or worse.