Tolerance as Apostasy: A Critique of the Conservative American Church

Many self-described Conservative Christians smugly dismiss the followers of the Alt-Right as losers or, in case of their own kind, heretics.

The problem, though, is that while the Alt-Right is a shambles and was an oligarch-contrived scam to mobilise erstwhile stagnant White voters, the reason why it persists and clumsily stumbles but never quite dies-off is there is a kernel of truth to it, and the truth is this:

Race matters.

Men, having race, must deal with it. It can not be dismissed nor ignored. Nothing in the Bible, especially in the old testament, dares to suggest otherwise.

Ancestors` Lives Matter

All men have ancestors. Our ancestors fought and strove first for their own families, and then for their tribe and race. It was never a question: blood must overcome competing blood!

When you look into a man's eyes, you don't just see him: you see generation upon generation in those two bright windows. Those who say race doesn't matter also say that ancestors don't matter. This is just a flat-out lie.

Many cultures overtly worship their ancestors. Western culture used to worship them, but now, in a fit of hubris, has yet again tried to short-circuit God.

Why does the Elite push this anti-family vision? What do they believe? They let it slip, casually, but try to avoid articulating it openly, as it scares people(rightfully so).

Oligarchs Will Do Anything for Immortality

The oligarchs hope they can thread the needle and achieve immortality, both in personal health and with respect to their legacy, through trans-humanism.

This means the oligarchs will expend every resource and spare nothing in their fight against Death and Oblivion.

While in vain, hope alone has motivated much of history. Destroying "white" civilisation is a small price for Eternity.

Now do you understand why the Progressive elite spend their entire fortunes and expend all their effort to dissolve and destroy Western civilisation, which they see as an impediment to the immortality of their Ego?

Your quaint little beliefs will stand in the way of Bill Gates' Will to Power, which has seen him become one of the world's richest men? Really? What are you willing to DO to impose YOUR will on HIM? Do you really think you can defeat these men on their own playing field?

Are you that naive? If so, God truly help you.

The Progressive elite correctly found the quaint piety of supposed Christians so pathetic and malleable, they didn't need to overtly crush them: just bribe and cajole them into submission and seduce them with their own blinkered greed and vice.

Neo-Lebensborn: Progressives & Their Triumph of Will

The Neo-Lebensborn are the consummate eugenic outcome of Modernity: overcoming all tethers of nature or any trammels of social convention, we can now freely engineer Ideal Men. Neo-Lebensborn is a Triumph of the Will greater than even Nietzsche could imagine: not just abandoning Socratic pedantry, but all heretofore Godly or Natural restraints on the ken of Mankind. It is a truly revolutionary concept, irresistibly seductive to our Global Elite, and even more doomed than Frankenstein in execution.

Consider the tens of billions of dollars invested, today, in trans-humanism technology, and then realise that the impulse was the same as that of the Nazi's during the Reich: to engineer the Perfect Man as a Hero for a dying civilisation.

The original Lebensborn were bred using humans as breeding stock. The Neo-Lebensborn will prove trans-human: with cyber-enhancements and no social norms holding them back, the Neo-Lebensborn will fulfil the Faustian imperative witnessed in Frankenstein and gives purpose to the dying West, which can see neither merit nor purpose in simply raising a nice family.

Again, if you doubt this, then just research how much the Oligarchs invest in trans-human technology and robotic medicine.

Trans-Humanism Requires a-Humanism

For the Neo-Lebensborn policy to be accepted and adopted, it is necessary to first subordinate then sublimate any sort of Humanism to Utility. This word Utility is disguised, though, as "Justice", allowing it to diffuse and be applied to corroding all opposition to the Neo-Lebensborn.

This explains why Social Justice only seeks to destroy every last vestige of traditional social norms: Social Justice Warriors scorch the earth of the West for the Neo-Lebensborn Utopia.

This includes race, which then proceeds to ancestry, family, and eventually, the individual: your entire constitution is now socially-engineered. The Progressives have severed you from your ancestors.

The most powerful men in the world bank on Neo-Lebensborn for their own legacy and for extending their personal survival. There is no room for God, Decency, or Nature.

Cuck Church: Useful Stupid, Cowardly Morons for the Neo-Lebensborn Dialectic

The Cuck Church has many educated and useful congregants, but they lack all vitality and courage. Not one of them is a man in form: they are all characteristically subordinated in our current society. They are the residue, not the essence, of Modern America,

Each day, the Cuck Church continually loses public purpose and authority against the Neo-Lebensborn dialectic, which will hesitate not a moment to brutally purge them if they interfere with the Trans-human agenda.

This is why the Cuck Church is forced to bake gay cakes and endure other humiliating abuse: the Church itself proves wholly inimical to the vision of the Neo-Lebensborn dialectic and must be crushed by the fanatical elite terrified of its own mortality.

Theology Irrelevant Without Survival

There is neither Christian culture nor society in Japan. Christians were successfully purged from Japanese society, despite their many martyrs. To assume the same can't happen in the US is naive.

Cuck Christians who think that by quietly acceding to Progressive norms they will be spared are only being sucked-into that very program. Podesta bragged, himself, about manipulating Cuck Catholics.

The Cuck Christians should listen to their Children, for the Children feel and intuit the threat of the Progressive program, which seeks to sever "white" Americans from their ancestors so they can have free-reign to engineer their new, ideal society.

However, Cuck Christians prefer salaries, pensions, and comfort to pious living. That they dismiss the very legitimate fears and anxieties of their youth is an indictment against their supposed faith, which they clearly value less than approval from society and comfort.