Theranos: The "Uranium One" of North Korea

Recall the much-touted "miracle company", Theranos, with its apocryphal and mysterious, androgynous variant of wonder-woman cum Steve Jobs at its helm?

Well, everyone in the blood testing business knew it was a sham.

However, the investors in the company were some of the most powerful and connected men in the world.

It didn't make sense, but the MSM duly played along, especially with the attending grrl power narrative.

The grrl power narrative also helped keep the critics at bay, since they would have to tear-down a freshly-minted "feminist icon" in order to gore this tissue of a matador.

It was quite cynical and cunning, really, how the Theranos team converted a fledgling company into a strategically-imperative nuclear policy operation.

Biggest "Losers" in Theranos: All Major Players

Let's look at the big "investors", which we know about, who lost money in Theranos:

  • Rupert Murdoch

  • Larry Ellison(Safra Catz)

  • Riley Bechtel

These are cunning and extremely wealthy men. The conceit that they were taken for a tissue-thin con this flimsy is metaphysically impossible.

The Board: The Nuclear Gerousia of Asia

These men already have enough money and have achieved plenty of success in their careers.

They don't get out of bed for anything less than thermonuclear war, especially Kissinger. For them to work jointly on something means it is very, very, very important: much more important than some stupid blood test.

The "Nuclear Dream Team" (aka "Board of Theranos" since 2011+)

  • Kissinger

  • George Schultz

  • William J. Perry

  • Sam Nunn

  • Gary Roughead

Biography: Elizabeth's Holmes Parents: Noblesse Oblige

Christian Holmes was a career USAID bureaucrat and from an august old money, aristocratic American family (Fleischmann fortune).

Considering his intelligence and abilities, it's a sure-thing he worked for a more demanding agency than USAID (no offense meant to USAID GS' reading this, naturally, but you must appreciate the point).

Her mother, Noel Holmes, was also in government, working in various congressional committees.

"Nuclear Boys" Joined Theranos in 2011: Year of Kim Jong Un Ascension

The first of the "Nuclear Team" joined Theranos in the summer of 2011.

In 2011, Kim Jong Un ascended to power in North Korea.

Until 2011, Theranos was just another biotech startup.

These men of the erstwhile Theranos board had only one mission: prevent nuclear war in the Asia-Pacific theatre.

Kissinger came, later, when he clearly saw Theranos achieving some success in its mission to pacify Kim Jong Un.

Theranos seems to have acted as a front-company, yet one with a patriotic and legitimate mission to stabilize the Asia-Pacific region. Whether Theranos provided a conduit for money, influence, it is not yet known.

It is entirely possible Theranos' investors were acting as a "shadow State Department", working in league with the US government which was unable, because of political opposition, to finance operations or channel influence in a manner that would induce a peaceful resolution to the North Korean crisis.