The Torturer & Netanyahu

We saw the news about Netanyahu's investigation for bribery or some other typical Israeli political activity. In many ways, Israel is like a softer version of Russia: rather than bombing your car or strangling you with a garrote, your opponents hit you with a criminal investigation about something you did a decade or two ago.

Regardless of the politics behind punishing Netanyahu, let's understand a bit about the man who authorized the investigation, Roni Alsheich. Roni Alsheich is, according to our sources, "a bonafide sadist". Let's dig a little deeper, then, on the man who approved this investigation and how it makes the whole affair suspicious, especially with respect to its intended outcome.


Roni Alsheich is what we would consider a "moderate religious nationalist". He has no interest in seeing the West Bank destroyed. He appointed a rabbi from the West Bank as the Israeli police's chaplain: this is a very strong sign that he wants to psychologically influence the police towards a sympathetic attitude of the settlements, even though he agreed to evacuate Amona in order to preserve the remaining settlements.


Early on in his career, Roni became renowned for his ability to extract confessions from suspected Arab terrorists or sympathizers. His main method was to find young Arab men, especially boys, whom he suspected of having information on terrorist activities or groups, even though these young men themselves probably were not directly involved.

The secret was to place these young men and mostly boys, under the age of 18, in a cell with older Arab men. The older Arab men would rape the younger man, and Roni would then place a jar of lubricant on the table during the interrogations and promise him relief if he cooperated.

It always worked, but he made a reputation for himself of cruelty and sadism within the security community of Israel.


Netanyahu isn't a god: he's just a very sneaky, clever, and successful politician. The Right-Wing Israeli establishment is stalling: if necessary, and it isn't clear that this will be the case, the Right Wing establishment in Israel will gladly sacrifice Netanyahu to the media and the courts in exchange for avoiding any meaningful concessions in the West Bank.


The Israeli Left has moved to the Right to try to position itself to gain from Netanyahu's problems, and some on the Right in Israel want to also profit from Netanyahu's misfortune. Despite all of this, it is premature and unwise to declare Netanyahu finished, because you must remember one thing:

Netanyahu anticipated this. He gambled and lost, but he was aware of the RISK of a UN vote against him. Rarely do the things you anticipate and fear completely wipe you out. Despite his many enemies, he still has allies and resources around the world. We believe, contrary to many and despite all his enemies, that he will survive this crisis.