The Real-politik Christian Right


No man will kill or be killed over tax reform, but he will kill or be killed over Divine Principles.


The Old Christian Right was complacent and naive.

The New Christian Right is sophisticated, cunning, and ruthless. It is a real political faction, and it will prove the backbone of Team Trump, especially when the street-fighting begins.

Holy War

Melania delievered a nice invocation with her "Lord's Prayer" at Trump's recent Florida rally.

Naturally, it infuriated the Left and made the Cucks uneasy, the same Cucks who still think that they can have low taxes and still replace those lowly pill-billies with Somalis and Mexicans.

Christian Right: Preparing to Expand

The Christian Right is preparing to accept millions of new followers. They will be erstwhile Cucks, maybe a few liberals, but mostly heretofore unaffiliated and lost moderates.

The Real-Politik Christian Right: Coordinating With Trump

Only the Christian Right, today, has the will, infrastrucutre, financing, and leadership ready to accept this windfall of new followers.

They do not care if many of their supporters lack sincerity or integrity: they only need obediant soldiers for the coming fight.

Pro-Military, Pro-Police, and Pro-Jesus Message

The New Christian Right is banking on the police and military to either ally themselves with an overtly Christian administration which defends Divine Principles or at least be able to intimidate shirkers and malingerers from joining the Left.

By coupling Trump with the Church, Team Trump has, as Ann Coulter said, made Trump "head of the Church".