Richard "Zyklon B" Spencer: Kapo of the White Ghetto

Richard Spencer: Kapo for Neo-Feudal Oligarchs

Richard Spencer, the shameless agent provocateur prostitute of the Neo-Feudal elite, has just enough inherited wealth to make him trusted by the true oligarchy in their schemes.

This is why he is so useful: while he's just barely one of them, he is just poor enough that he is not inherently desired by the oligarch-class, and so in order to win their approval and attention, he must serve them.

In his case, he betrays the lives and welfare of lower-class whites in a cynical and cruel plot to further the agenda of the Neo-Feudal oligarchs.

However, to illuminate this claim, let us analyze a key player

The Apocraphyl Phillips Foundation

In both 2007 and 2008, "The Phillips Foundation" awarded young Kyle Bristow a scholarship, presumably enabling him to finish his undergrad degree and continue on to legal studies.

Mandate of Phillips Scholarship

The Phillips Foundation scholarship had the following mandate:

...the Foundation launched its annual journalism fellowship program to award grants to working print journalists to undertake and complete projects of their own choosing, focusing on journalism supportive of American culture and a free society... provide renewable cash awards to college undergraduates who demonstrate leadership on behalf of the cause of freedom, American values and constitutional principles."

After Hitting Rock Bottom, The Floor Knocked

Let's look at a profile of the undergraduate this august board of trustees chose to award this scholarship to, two consecutive years in a row!

Bristow also took over a small conservative group, the local chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, and turned it into a vicious organization that tried to hold a “Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day,” led a “straight power” rally featuring signs like “End Faggotry,” held a “Koran desecration contest,” and invited leading racist ideologues like Jared Taylor to give speeches on campus. In 2010, after starting law school, he took up another activity—writing fiction, which, as it turned out, was his own personal variety of revenge porn.

Who would be so irresponsible to give this demagogue and provocateur a scholarship, twice, and WHY?

Unfortunately, the situation is entirely symmetric with the Oligarch Left's patronage of Social Justice Warriors, but the Left has had far more effective exposure than the Right of its oligarchic backing!

Trustees of the Phillips Foundation

Who approved this scholarship? Here is the roll:

  • Thomas L. Phillips, Chairman; Chairman of Phillips International, Inc. and Eagle Publishing
  • Becky Norton Dunlop; Vice President for External Relations at The Heritage Foundation
  • Thomas A. Fuentes; Senior Vice President of LFC in Orange County, Calif., and Senior Fellow at The Claremont Institute
  • Robert D. Novak
  • Alfred S. Regnery; Publisher of The American Spectator
  • Ronald E. Robinson; President of Young America's Foundation

This is a Nixon and Reagan adminstration reunion. Almost half of the men listed on this board are dead, now.

The Heritage Foundation is a well-known den for austerity hawks. How about examining The Claremont Institute, then, which doesn't get nearly as much public attention?

Claremont Institute: Another Richard Mellon Scafie Oligarch Project

In order to preserve Western Civilization, the Claremont Institute has recently initiated and executed the following projects and programs:

  • Publius Fellowship - an intensive two week summer course in political philosophy and journalism designed for undergraduate seniors, recent graduates, and graduate students who are interested in careers in journalism, academia, or public policy.
  • Investment Security Program - educates citizens and state legislators about the effects of American capital investments in terrorist-sponsoring states.
  • Internship Opportunities with the Claremont Institute - Each year, they host a number of college students with summer internships.
  • Golden State Center - to draw on the Institute's scholarship and research for practical application to the policies of the California.
  • Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership - a group of health professionals familiar with guns and medical research, is the antidote to those who twist science to serve a misguided anti-gun ideology.
  • Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence - a public interest law firm, in order to further Claremont's mission through strategic litigation.
  • Ballistic Missile Defense Project - supporting missile defenses.

Poisoned Seed Planted Decades Ago... Bearing Its Deadly Fruit

These oligarchs playing God in our dying Republic are nothing new.

This current vector, though, started formally in the late 1960's/early 1970's. Read from a well-researched Nation article on the origins of the Tea Party(same crew, mostly):

The most notable precursor was Lewis Powell’s widely distributed private memo of 1971 proposing a conservative strategy for the decades to come. Powell, who would soon ascend to the Supreme Court, had served on “the boards of over a dozen of the largest companies in the country, including the cigarette maker Philip Morris,” and his memo urged “guerrilla warfare” against public-interest lawmakers and editors on the liberal side who sought to curb the power of big business. He called for “careful long-range planning and implementation,” with a “scale of financing available only through joint effort.” This was, in effect, a reveille for the rich, and Powell aimed to organize them just as Saul Alinsky had done with the laboring poor. Cartels or secret business agreements were remote from Powell’s design. Rather, the memo spoke of the planting and inculcation of an ideology, and the creation of institutions to propagate it. The Scaife Family Charitable Trust, the Olin and Bradley foundations, the conversion of the American Enterprise Institute from a business think tank to a neoconservative combine specializing in foreign policy, economic policy, and everything in between—these were the offspring of the right-wing strategy launched by the memo.

Neo-Feudal Oligarchs & Eugenics: Austerity Through Bad Science

Neo-Feudal oligarchs push racial eugenics to orient Plebe Whites into a mindset that will allow them to accept future austerity and abuse.

However, what the Plebe Whites fail to apprehend is that they are, under this eugenic model, inherently inferior to their Neo-Feudal masters.

This means that their lives and welfare never takes priority over those of their elite.

A Plebe White who accepts racial eugenics necessarily accepts a justification of Neo-Feudalism.

Example of Eugenics Used Against Plebe Whites: Killing Boomers

Medicare is the dark heart of government for the Neo-Feudalists. They want to discredit it and push policy to reduce it, dooming millions of retired people to early death and great suffering.

How do the Neo-Feudalists do it?
They wage a campaign against "boomers".

However, a majority of boomers are white, aren't they?

How is this "identity" or in the interests of their community?

This is the White Ghetto.

You are next.