The Gem in the Crown: Putin's Veto on the Israeli Right

The noise coming out of the MSM and experts deafens everyone with hysterical accusations of Russia taking over or manipulating the US elections and the Trump administration. As we mentioned in a prior post, Ted Kennedy connived with the Russian government to undermine Reagan's re-election, and so to say that Trump's pro-Russian stance is unique or somehow cause for existential alarm is fundamentally dishonest, when far worse already happened without a peep by the MSM in the 1980's.


We have two main players in this anti-Putin media assault:

  • Obama
  • Neocons

The Neocons are a marginal force and only tagging-along because Obama's leading the assault, and so we won't bother addressing them. Just consider McCain and his crew nothing more than opportunists looking to undermine Trump and regain their power within the GOP.


Ask yourself a question: what was the most significant historical event that occurred this year in the UN? The answer should be the UNSC Resolution against the Israeli settlements, which was meant, as Kerry said, to come to a sustainable and balanced peace in the region.

Obama sacrificed Syria, staining his legacy forever with the blood of Aleppo, and because of his sacrifice in Syria, France and Germany, in no small part because of Putin's opportunism to incite ISIS, suffered a wave of terrorism that threatened the ruling elite in Europe right before a crucial election in Germany. All of Europe has skin in this game, now.

The Iran deal, with which the Iranians routinely humiliated Obama and the American government, was an exhausting test of Obama's patience and public will. He was roundly attacked for it non-stop by his own opposition.

Furthermore, Obama underwent the public humiliation that he was unable to counter Putin in Ukraine, his fecklessness, his weakness, his inept foreign policy... all of that supposed weakness... it was FOR THIS ONE OBJECTIVE:


It was on and around this issue, the issue of Israel, that Obama, Putin, Erdogan, and Merkel all danced.

Putin and the Russian establishment in general are on the Right of Israeli politics. Russia has a very deep relationship with Israel, starting from being the first country to recognize the state of Israel.

Russian Mafia Legacy: Main FSB Conduit in Israel

In more recent history, in the 1990's, many billionaire Russian gangsters were exiled to Israel. They were exiled rather than overtly killed to avoid causing massive clan-wars within Russia. These Russian gangsters became an informal conduit of money and influence, and Russian intelligence lost no time in manipulating some of them to help influence Israeli politicians.

Many massive business deals in Israel, especially in real estate, were financed with the help of Russian mafia money. Considering that both Israelis don't waste time with formalities when it comes to national security, if the Russian mafia money was considered a threat by the Israeli government, the Israeli police would just kill the mobsters and nationalize the cash. Well, that didn't happen, and it means the Israeli government and Russian government maintained an understanding on what was going on, and the mobsters understood their role in this arrangement.

It gets worse, because Russian banks, again many of which are under Russian mafia control, then do business with Israeli banks, which have Russian mafia investors, and now you have a global credit system that can launder billions of dollars of plunder.

Israel has its own mafia, and like the Russian mafia, it is tolerated to the extent it does the dirty work for Mossad. The Israeli mafia is mostly active outside of Israel, as it isn't tolerated within, and so this Israeli-Russian mafia partnership enhanced Mossad's network and power, globally. It's also why many ex-Mossad "businessmen" have very Russian-style business practices...

The Israeli Right and the Putin

Today, it is obvious the Israeli Right is not politically popular in the West. Therefore, it makes sense for Russia to ally with the Israeli Right in order to counter Western influence on the Israeli Moderates and Left.


Trump is not a Putin slave: Trump is a slave to the Israeli Right. Trump is completely owned and dictated to by Netanyahu donors and backers. When the MSM and experts say that Russia infiltrated the Presidency under Trump, they're either lying or stupid: the Israeli Right did.

Israeli Right Veto: The Gem in the Empire's Crown

Already because of Putin's deep influence with many on the Israeli Right, he maintains a veto on Netanyahu's government. Now, with Trump as an ally, Putin can protect Netanyahu from all foreign and many domestic adversaries, as long as Netanyahu doesn't start behaving like Yanukovych or many other arrogant Putin proxies.

This means the West Bank gets annexed, many neighbouring Arab regimes collapse, and Obama's legacy is truly one of complete failure.

It is for this veto against the Israeli Right that Obama has fought so hard, and it is for this veto, that Obama continues to attack Trump and Putin relentlessly within the MSM and with every means, even allowing low-life NeoCons to join in the attacks on Trump and Putin.

Putin's Interest in Annexing the West Bank: Crush Europe & Saudi Arabia

With the West Bank annexed by Israel, ISIS would be further incited and motivated to attack Western targets throughout the West. A fresh wave of ISIS attacks would break the European elite and allow further annexation by Russia of Slavic regions. Russian political proxies would take power in non-Slavic states.

Saudi Arabia would collapse under this scenario. Putin would sabotage their oil production to help refinance his regime.

Since Merkel killed 93 VIP or higher-status Russians to stop Putin in Syria, do not think that the Russian security establishment would hesitate to indulge in a little payback, under this scenario. Merkel and her own elite knows this, too.

A new Russian Empire is born, and all it takes are a few hills in Judea and Samaria.

The Israeli Right Veto: The Axis of Putin's Foreign Policy

EVERYTHING that Putin did, EVERTYHING from annexing Crimea, invading Donetsk, bombing Syria, and inciting ISIS: it ALL came from the leverage Putin had over the Israeli Right and his veto power over Netanyahu's government.

Putin exploited Obama's ambition to secure the legacy of being the President who made peace in the middle east to expand Russia. It was under THIS cover and with THIS leverage that Putin engaged in aggression, NOT because he had courage nor some brilliant vision of a greater Russia.

Obama Foreign Policy: Lose Pawns to Save the King

While we don't love Obama, we are FAIR: Obama had a grand vision, and he had the conviction and vision required to sacrifice many smaller, less important objectives to Russia and other adversaries in order to achieve his ultimate goal of making peace in Israel and Palestine.

Putin, Trump, and Netanyahu are all aligned to imperil Obama's foreign policy sacrifices, and if they succeed, they will destroy his legacy and truly punish him for his risky and likely futile effort in trying to make peace between Jews and Arabs.

No, Obama isn't a foreign policy failure nor fool, and those who say he is either are selling you something or just dumb themselves. He is focused and willing to lose his pawns to save his King, which is what a true strategists does.