The Enemy Within: How China Defeats the US, Resulting in a Real Civil War in the US

There is a naive assumption amongst the American elite, especially the cloistered Left and their NeoCon and Globalist cohort, that they can behave however they want, without any consequences.

In the end, it may get them, not their Right-wing adversaries, all killed.

China: Investing In, Financing, & Fomenting Sedition & Treason in the US

The Chinese may try to sell their treasuries to punish the US, but they are far from done investing in American companies and influencing and manipulating American oligarchs, celebrities, "think-tanks", academics, politicians, and media.

Many in the Lugenpresse, NeoCons, and Globalists sympathize with or overtly collaborate with the current Chinese government. Some even advocate collaboration with the Chinese, saying it is acceptable to work with a foreign power to undermine the Trump administration.

China, not Russia, the Real Foreign Influencer

The Financial Times and Economist are mouthpieces of the Xi regime. Zuckerberg waits with baited breath to trade the data of a billion-plus Chinamen. Every Silicon Valley billionaire eagerly seeks to rationalise his opportunity to participate in the guaranteed windfall that would be his collaboration with the Xi mafia.

Russian influence in the US is an actual joke compared to that of China, and those who suggest otherwise are liars or morons or both.

Hollywood: China Buying Control of Propaganda

China isn't dumb: with control of America's Left-wing entertainment complex, China would find eager collaborators with which to produce more anti-Trump and defeatist media.

End-Game: Break American Will to Fight in Pacific

The objective of the Chinese influence campaign in the US, which so far, has been very successful, is to unite the Left with the NeoCons and Globalists into an anti-nationalist and anti-Trump bloc.

With this bloc formed, in the event of war with the US, Trump will face impeachment by this massive political opposition when the US military begins suffering substantial casualties during the war with China.

US Military Can Win Most of the Battles, But Can Trump Survive the War?

The US military can defeat China, but it will take tens of thousands of casualties in a very carefully executed war.

China hopes that she can destabilise America so thoroughly through its Left elite and media, that the Trump administration would collapse and be forced to sue for peace, allowing China to gain hegemony in the Pacific without resorting to nuclear weapons.

Defeated US Military & Divided Government: Catalyst for Civil War

Americans are coddled and generally delusional, and so for them to leap from their blithe lives to the killing fields requires a massive catalyst.

This catalyst is the collapse of a government and the humiliation of the last standing institution that has any credibility in the US, the US military.

With the faith in the military shattered and the government in chaos, Americans will finally lose their inhibitions towards mob violence, and American oligarchs and senior bureaucrats will find these newly blood-thirsty Americans useful for their own regional power-struggles to take power in the post-Republic era of the American Empire.

Transition of America: Ex-Military/CIA Rogue Units Taking Revenge on pro-China 5th Columnists

The Leftists, NeoCons, and Globalists who would exult at Trump's demise in such a scenario would be ill-advised to do so publicly or for long: they would be the first blamed for the humiliation and suffering of America's military, and the wrath they would face from the elite of this humiliated military and other disgruntled agencies would prove terminal.

This is how a real blood-letting would evolve in the US. It is for this reason that Americans need to stop provoking and inciting each other and brace for the common threat facing us in our appointment for war with China.