The Decline & Fall of Europe: Why We Didn't Write About the Berlin Attack

At a reader's request, we are going to write about the Berlin attack, which recently occurred in Germany.

At Strife & Justice, we consider Western Europe lost: it is not news, to us, nor do we consider it useful for our readers, to hear about the latest atrocity or crazy idea from Western Europe. For our Western European readers, we believe that their states will break-up into smaller, self-governing regions, in order to regain some measure of dignity in their lives. It is our opinion that it is only a matter of time before these regions or communities revolt against the tyrannical governments currently overseeing their destruction.

To give you an understanding of why we consider Europe lost, we shall start from the Great War, World War I.


Europe has been in social and cultural decline since World War I. Some men would claim Europe has been in decline since the French revolution or even earlier than that, but there is no doubt to the average man that since World War I, Europe has been in decline.


In World War I, you literally had the aristocracy and best men in society volunteering to fight at the front. Even intellectuals, like JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis, killed and risked their own deaths for their country. These men volunteered and fought without ANY HESITATION -- AT ALL. Today, such elites fighting at the front in any Western country is a joke: Western elites believe the military is only for stupid suckers or losers.

The war turned out to be a drawn-out nightmare, and at the end, people lost faith in their cause. With millions dead, no one wanted to face such a war, again, and so the values of World War I: nationalism, honor, patriotism, conviction, duty, all became "threats to peace and order".

World War II was an attempt by Germany to regain the culture and order of an idealized World War I era, but the Nazis ended up getting many killed and Germany occupied, instead.


Western Europeans are atheists. Because their atheistic values of nationalism, honor, etc. failed them, they then decided that ALL VALUES have no purpose. The problem is, when you believe in nothing and nothing has any meaning, you start to hate everything and everyone around you. The result is their elite made a decision: suicide.

Modern Western Europeans, unable to cope with the pain of their flawed philosophies, have such giant egos that rather than reconsider their stupid ideas, they would rather EXTERMINATE THEMSELVES. This is where Islam comes in to play.


Muslims are deliberately imported into Europe to replace their own native population, which they see as "unworthy" to inherit the future. Muslims are given welfare, free housing, and are even allowed to rape and abuse locals with minimal punishment, because the elites want them to become the dominant social group as soon as possible.


As the Muslims migrating into Western Europe see the pathetic state of their host society, they, too, begin to resent it alongside their host elite, and some decide to embrace Jihad and actively begin killing the non-Muslims within the country.

The European elites are generally OK with this: they see Jihad as a way to crush the last remaining resistance to suicide within their own people, and they try to use Jihad as a way of selling more repression and tyranny. If you notice, after every major attack in Western Europe, the Western European governments punish "hate speech" rather than focusing on the mujahideen!


The Muslims living within Western Europe will not resist the Jihadists: they gain higher social status and more power as native Europeans are more and more terrorized by their community. The killing will never stop, until the native Western Europeans begin fighting back, and that means civil war within the native Western European community, first, to overthrow the Western European elite.

It is for these reasons that here at S&J, we will not write about every single terrorist attack in Western Europe: it's pointless. Western Europe is dead, already, and the news we WILL write about is not when Muslims kill natives, but when natives start killing Muslims and their own treacherous kind: THAT will be worth analyzing.