The Princess & the Clown: MI-6 Executing "Colour Revolution" in South Africa

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle: Making the Commonwealth Great Again

The British Establishment, considering Prince Harry's dubious legitimacy and intelligence, decided to use his marriage as an opportunity to strategically influence key members of the Commonwealth.

By marrying a "black" woman into the Royal Family, the Anglo Establishment could win huge influence and credibility not only amongst the elite of the black nations within the commonwealth, but the people, themselves.

This positive influence is already being put to work at undermining the authority of the ruling ANC in South Africa.

Britain: Africa is Everything

Britain sees Africa as her backyard, and, with a few exceptions, it truly is.

With generations of wealth generated from commodity monopolies and cartels, to lazily surrender this gem to other players simply defies reason.

Target: South Africa: What Britain Destroyed, She Can Rebuild

Britain helped destroy both Rhodesia and the original ZAR.

With a generation having passed since Apartheid and the old Afrikaaner elite purged from power, Britain can now shape South Africa into the country she wants it to become.

Meghan Markle: Providing Legitimacy to Future British Puppet Government

It is impossible to underestimate the influence Meghan Markle has had on the black people of the Commonwealth and the most important black country in the Commonwealth, South Africa:

Since the announcement of the engagement between the queen’s grandson Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle, attention has begun to focus on what roles they might play in the royal family.

One suggestion is that Markle, with her African-American background, would be ideal to strengthen Commonwealth ties across South Africa, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

It’s thought that the monarchy is keen to capitalise on the pair’s immense popularity to cement links and trade deals.

Katie Hopkins: The Clown of Vauxhall Cross

The ANC, which currently rules South Africa, is a gang of killers and thieves.

They will not simply capitulate because South Africans admire Prince Harry and his new Princess: it will take real pressure.

It took Katie a mere day or so to completely embarrass the ruling ANC. She has now made the ANC's corruption and cruelty a national headline and media sensation for the UK political establishment.

What ANC Can Do to Stop a Colour Revolution?

The ANC must capitulate on two major terms in order to satisfy the Anglo Establishment:

  • Abandon the nuclear power project with Russia and contract major infrastructure development only with British Establishment approved vendors, using only non-nuclear sources of energy
  • End the creeping mining nationalization policy attacking the equity of British-owned mining companies

The ANC will not give up easily. This escalates.

ANC: Support North Korea in Retaliation & Force UK To Kill

The ANC will revert to outright support of the DPRK and a radically anti-Western foreign policy, in retaliation for MI-6's efforts to overthrow its government.

Other "revolutionary governments" in the region will also be torn between either supporting the DPRK to counter-blackmail the UK or capitulate to the New Order within the Commonwealth.

Finally, the ANC will not simply leave until there is bloodshed: they will force the UK to mobilize either proxies or her own forces to violently overthrow the ANC.

This goes to knobkerries, machetes, and guns.