America's Mafia War Begins: Unions versus Military Industrial Complex

America has entered an all-out Mafia War, not yet a civil war.

The Teams: Blue Unions vs. Red MIC

The Democrats depend on mafia-controlled Unions for influencing votes, legislation, and commerce.

The Republicans depend on their mafia, the MIC, for their goal of starving the Federal government of funds while patriotically plundering the government with bloated and corrupt military spending.

This week, the Mafia War, which may evolve into a Civil War, officially began, in the US.

Unions: Making the Magic Happen

Take Manhattan real estate, for example:

  • Largest donors in NYC are unions
  • Most influential lobbies in NYC are unions

If you want to put up a building or even just buy or sell a major real estate investment in NYC, you need buy-in from City Hall, and that means the Union Bosses have to approve of the deal.

Don't think Trump didn't deal with the 5 Families: he did, but that is in the past.

Now, Trump's main oligarch adversaries are active in Manhattan real estate and depend on Union influence in order to successfully execute their deals in Manhattan. He has other adversaries in other sectors, such as technology, but Thiel or other warlords handle them. For Trump, Manhattan is personal.

In another example, outside of real estate: in New Jersey, if you want to haul fuel from the refineries and depots, you need the blessing from The Teamsters. If you try to work around the Unions, your drivers get beaten and the trucks vandalized. The police will do nothing about it: actually, the police will arrest your drivers for tresspassing!

In the blue states, municipal and labor unions get to plunder with almost complete impunity, and they kick-back influence(or intimidation & sabotage) and outright support to oligarch democrats for their desired project, program, or election campaign.

GOP Loves Auditing Unions Like Democrats Like Auditing Churches

Trump: Smashing Unions Includes Killing Union-Protecting Regulations

Between the SALT deduction cap and increasing oversight at DoL, it is clear that Trump continues to directly attack the power-base and the Democratic Power: corrupt unions.

Furthermore, by attacking the regulatory apparatus that imposes Union labor on the business or public, Trump further undermines Union power by reducing the legal and regulatory basis for its labor monopoly.

It Has Become Very Personal: Old Scores to Settle

It has now escalated, though, to the point where Trump has begun to overtly attack the most outspoken and influential defenders of these Unions (and a relative of one his old rivals):

Without naming him, President Donald Trump ripped Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) Thursday for lying about his military record, saying the Connecticut senator “defrauded the whole world with his Vietnam status.”

Blumenthal, as an Establishment Democrat, has always been a stalwart defender of Unions, even when it meant betraying American veterans in order to protect another mafia-controlled, pro-Democrat Union:

In a letter sent Thursday, Colon reprimanded Blumenthal for siding with the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), a union of government employees which Colon says has done more to block accountability at the VA than any other group. (RELATED: Veteran Community Backs New Accountability Bill, But This Union Of Govt Employees Stands In The Way

“I truly find it offensive that you would stand up and side with the Union and the status quo that the Union provides, and you seem to not want accountability for the people that retaliated against me and other Whistleblowers,” Colon wrote to Blumenthal.

If you are intersted in the VA scandal, see the whole sordid whistle-blowing story, here:

MIC: No Better Than Unions Mobsters

The MIC's most egregious plundering, in recent memory, was committed under George W. Bush's regime: pallets of cash, fraudulent invoices, and plundering of untold magnitudes occured during occupation and invasion of Iraq.

After Going to War on Unions, Trump Depends on MIC For Support & Protection

Trump can punish his old adversaries, win powerful and wealthy allies within the MIC community, and fulfil much of the GOP agenda -- AS LONG AS HE STAYS LOYAL TO THE MIC.

MIC Foreign Policy: NeoConservative

As mentioned in the "Another Elite Compromise..." post, Trump cut a deal with the MIC and NeoCons: deliver a qualified amnesty and a repeat of Reaganism and elements(the Hawkish ones) of Nixon.

Today, that means a NeoConservative and Militaristic foreign policy for Trump's regime, in exchange for protection and support by the MIC.

The NeoCons seek Imperial Victory abroad to enable them to crush the opposition at home.

We Get War, Chaos, and Collapse

Because Trump is shackled to the MIC, he must endorse war and aggression against dangerous foreign adversaries.

These wars will not go as planned.

Trump will not finish his Presidency because of the ensuing political crisis resulting from our future military debacles.

Trump is our Last President.

It gets real, now, and if you think the capital markets don't realize the terminal danger within the US, think again.

First Asset To Die in The Mafia Wars: Municipal Bonds

What Obama did to the fossil fuel industry, Trump will do to Muni Bonds.

Ever wonder why Muni bonds were magically so "safe and attractive"?

Ever wonder why Muni bonds had special tax consideration.

Yeap: now you know. You won't read this in the WSJ, though.

Anyway, you want these boys to have to pay taxes, in addition to interest on the debt? Come on!

The Mafia Wars will take a terrible toll on Municipal Bonds, which directly finance the Unions which oppose the Reaganite Regime.

To consolidate his power and galvanize his NeoCon & MIC alliance, Trump must smash this financing conduit and force muni yields sky-high to strangle the true base of the Democratic party: mob-controlled unions.