Death, Be Not Proud

You often hear platitudes in the hyper-glycemic Western "Christian" communities referring to some sort of suicidial solicitude one must show his fellow man.

While Western Christianity has irreversibly metastised into Bolshevism, or its later variant, Progressivism, we should observe some stubborn and hence illuminating realities regarding our ruling class.

So Rich... Yet So Weak?

Making it in the West requires a certain mentality. One can easily demonstrate this by taking a successful Western billionaire, dropping him in, say, Kazakhstan under comparable circumstances, and then watching him fail miserably or get killed when trying to get ahead.

Different rules mean different outcomes. These men are not the "universal warriors" they think they are.

Where We Are, Now

The oligarch Westerner stands on the ruins of a world order dominated by Money. At the higher elevations, many find it very, very hard to breathe, even though he can literally indulge every appetite and whim at any time.

He can not escape mortality and oblivion.

Death, Be Not Proud

The problem with Western civilisation is that we have no room for death. The massive egos of our Overlords can't contenance their own oblivion. This problem isn't new -- in fact, it's why we have the Pyramids(which, ironically, are a sort of hybrid between the two).

Our elite, like all the rest before them, resort to two options:

  • Transhumanism/Utopianism, which we discussed earlier. Ancient variant of this seen with Julius Caesar and his "July" month, to eternally honour his "contribution" to civilisation

  • Mysticism and the usual "Foxhole Faith" of those who sense creeping mortality. This often manifests in esoteric cults.

Utopianism: Immortality as a Systemic Legacy

Utopianism for oligarchs is a weird way to sublimate the body and infect, permanently, the consciousness of the surviving generations. The goal is to force future generations to download Bill Gates' ego into their consciousness... for eternity.

In many ways, one could argue that Bill Gates having a day of the week or month named after him would suffice to keep him sufficiently immortal to his satisfaction, even if he physically no longer existed. Caesar did it!

This would the "Caesarian" option. This is the only option for those who wish to remain atheist or agnostic.

Religious Option: Merge with the Fold

The second option is to ride in the other old rut, mysticism and esoteric cults. This is a fairly obvious phenomenon and should be self-evident to our patient and enlightened readers.

Why We Are Screwed

No where in the above scenarios do we factor in -- at all. The oligarchs and potentates only think in terms of their own legacy and perpetuating their own consciousness.

As an example of this, Bill Gates spent $500 MILLION DOLLARS on the construction of the Gates Foundation headquarters: this isn't a philantropic office: it's a Totem, with Gates' Jr. head on the very, very top.

This means that rather than ponder the deep philosophical and spiritual problems that govern the West's collapse into violence and a new dark ages, our "elite" pour over plans for their own Pyramids and Totems: all their Utopian Spirit is really part of an elaborate scheme to infect future generations with their Ego.

The West's elite have no interest in leading the Western peoples into a better place: they merely shift pieces around on a decrepit game-board, buying time with Fabian conceits and increasingly hostile and unruly gendarmes and police state.

We Are On Our Own

This all goes back to why we are on our own: our elites not only don't care about us, they can't care about us: to win a rotten game, you probably need to be a rotten person.

Purpose of Article: Motivation to Study

Because we are stranded and abandoned by our civilisation, we must build our own communities and start anew.

You can not bank on anyone else to save you but yourself and your community. The oligarchs, reflexively, only want to drain your blood and soul.