Optimism Is Cowardice: EU's Migrant Policy

In this post, we will discuss and elaborate on Europe's population replacement policy, which has had a huge impact on all nations.

Concept: Avoid Japan's Stagnation

Everyone knows that Western Europeans don't have large families, if they have families at all. The European elite long ago realized they had a serious demographic problem and would soon be in Japan's situation, with a massive number of elderly requiring care and draining the State and not enough young people getting taxed to finance them.

Mass euthanasia was joked about amongst colleagues, but there was no real plan to avoid this outcome, aside one bold one: mass migration.

Question: Changing Values Rather than Changing People?

There are many other communities in this world that do not face Western Europe's crashing population. However, these communities all have one thing in common: they do NOT have a Western culture.

Modern Western culture sterilizes the people within a society. This is because modern Western culture does not believe in the value of a human life outside of its economic output. As it is very clear to most people that their lives have declining if not already negative economic output, they realize that their own society will reject them and most likely punish their offspring for being unfit for the system.

As a result of this culture, Westerners no longer have children.

Why Not Change Western Culture, Then?

An alternative to mass migration would be to change Western culture and live an "alternative lifestyle". In fact, you already see this with various religious minorities who protect their own communities and support the survival of their own children.

However, it takes an idea greater than economics to justify having children when you expect little to no economic upside to them. Western Europe has rejected religion, and so without any divinity associated with life, there is no case for existing outside of creating an economic surplus.

Replacing economics and secular humanism within Western Europe and creating a new culture of life and family would require:

  • a new religion

  • a new philosophy

  • a new elite

Easy Way Out: Replace the People Rather Than The Elite

The elite realized that they had to make a choice: either accept changing their own culture and society, and risk losing their power in the process, or import new people and avoid tackling these challenging and hard problems, while maintaining their power and control over the society.

Muslims: Servile and Fertile?

Muslims are very seductive to the European Elite: they have big families and, more critically, have absolutely no expectations in terms of human rights or civil society. Coming from a world where they are arbitrarily detained, tortured, or killed by their own rulers, they are grateful to simply exist in soft Western Europe.

Muslim migrants enable the European elite to become as totalitarian as it desires not only because of this servility, but because when Muslim migrants do engage in terrorism, it justifies an even stronger and more invasive State. Making the State even more totalitarian and invasive gives the elite a greater sense of control and comfort in their position, and so this is why they do anything to make sure the Muslim migrants are comfortable within the EU.

As a result of this, Muslim migrants pose absolutely no immediate threat to the European elite, since they are politically unsophisticated and are unable to apply political pressure to the ruling elite, except in one way: terrorism.

However, Muslims are seen as so backwards and unsophisticated by the European elite, that even when they engage in terrorism, unless they have a sophisticated foreign agency helping them, it really isn't a threat to the EU elite's power.

Tolerable Terrorism: Elite Tolerates Abuse & Killing of White Europeans

The EU elite has a certain amount of terrorism it tolerates from Muslim migrants. It does not care if Muslims disrespect native citizens or even rape and kill them: in fact, native white Europeans who defend themselves against Muslims are punished as a matter of policy, because native White Europeans are seen as less servile and valuable to the State than the new Muslim horde.

Putin's Syria Policy: Mass Psy-ops on Muslim Migrants

Putin's primary agenda in Syria was to blackmail the EU into accepting his annexation of Crimea, not help a pathetic tyrant like Assad. Seeing the flow of Muslims into the EU and understanding the EU's desire to replace their own people with Muslims, Putin played a game: he would support Assad, crush any legitimate rebel movement within Syria, and help push as many Muslims as he could into ISIS' arms.

This is why Putin would have his air force bomb hospitals, schools, etc: his goal was to make life as miserable as possible for local Syrians, maximize their suffering, and, hopefully, make them hate the West for allowing it to happen.

Putin coordinated his psy-ops against Muslim migrants with overt support for nationalist parties within the EU, undermining the EU elite's power.

Berlin Attack: Merkel, "We are in War", and Putin

After the Berlin Christmas attack, Germany declared it was in a state of war. However, the German media was careful to not specify against whom this war was declared: only by carefully watching events and reactions could one infer that Merkel held Putin responsible for the Berlin attack, which is why she had her agents arrange the assassination of his Ambassador to Turkey and the slaughter of his Red Army Choir, denying him his victory parade in Aleppo.

Putin Went for the Jugular... and Got Punished By Merkel

Putin broke a cardinal rule: his war in Syria and coordinated psy-ops against the European elite soon caused true panic within this elite. With Merkel's 2017 election approaching and after Trump's victory in the US, the European elite realized that, if they did not change course, they could end up shattered like the Democratic Party in the US.

This fear which Putin provoked caused Merkel to lash-out and start killing Putin's pets, which finally forced him to make a decision: either escalate his conflict with Europe, or cut a deal and move on. He clearly chose the latter.

Long-Term: Race Between Islam and Secular Humanism

The European elite is convinced that they can brainwash future generations of Muslims within the EU to become gay-loving Europeans. This belief comes from the arrogance that one gets from having uncontested power for generations over a people who are dying-off. As a result of this arrogance, the European elite is unable to recognize threats to their power that would come in a different form than what they are used to in the past.

The problem with assuming that European culture can overcome Islamic culture is that if the European elite had a great culture to begin with, they wouldn't need to import Muslims to prop-up their rotting civilization. In the end, the Muslims will take over, and already have in some regions.