The Masses Love Asses (it took a while, though)

Hillary Clinton has announced her plan to "teach" at Columbia University.

This amounts to a formal retirement from public life of the most powerful woman in American political life.

As I said before, the old guard of the Left had to be purged before Trump is removed, to avoid unduly destabilizing the country.

Now, back to our Sarah and her new program to "reconcile" Americans.

Sarah: Birthing an Isaac of "Reconciliation"

It is not an accident that Sarah Silverman's new program, "I Love You, America", recently debuted shortly after Weinstein's fall.

With the harderned Left still in place, this program served against too many interests that depended on the old Left/Right platform. It would undermine the very power basis of Weinstein, himself.

The US deep state took radical action and decided it had to flush-out the intractable players on the Left to make room for new ones, ones who would agree to the New Rules of post-identity politics.

What Kim Kardashian Did for the Ass, Sarah Was Told to Do for "Unity"

If you doubt the potency of these cultural programs, do recall that Kim Kardashian single-handedly changed the aesthetic of the US, with heretofore "perfect" white women receiving butt-implants and other characteristically racially black female secondary sexual characteristics.

The mission behind changing the US sexual ideal to a Kardashian aesthetic was to help better integrate black women into higher society. If black women feel intrinsically ugly and undesired by society, it has serious long-term effects on their welfare and success. Because black women live in the US, for them to fail because they feel ugly simply is stupid.

Thanks to Kim's nudes and relentless media blitz, that's no longer a problem.

Next: Alt-Right shtrafbat to be Purged

The Alt-Right will soon be annihilated by the Federal Government: it is inimical to the Reconciliation Agenda and only serves the very, very narrow interests of extremely rich and/or awful people.

Final Step: Trump Himself

If Trump refuses to completely betray the Mellon-Scaife's of the world and abide this new, moderate platform, he, too, goes down the drain like his buddy Weinstein and faces definite impeachment.