Russian Interference is OK... if you're a Kennedy!

We are hearing a lot of noise from the mainstream media about the Russians "stealing" the election for Trump. What the MSM won't tell you, though, is that one of their own darlings, a Kennedy, in fact, directly collaborated with senior Soviet leadership in order to try to defeat Ronald Reagan in the 1984 Presidential election!

In 1983, Reagan wanted to install advanced medium-ranged missiles in Western Europe: Kennedy's claim was that Reagan's plan would force the Soviet Union to respond and thus seriously increase the risk of World War 3.

Documents discovered in Russia in 1991 revealed that in fact, Ted Kennedy secretly offered the Soviet Union help in their propaganda against Ronald Reagan in exchange for a coordinated media campaign between the Kennedy campaign and the Soviet leadership to help Kennedy win the 1984 Presidential election.

If the elite want to annul Trump's electoral victory because of Russian "interference" in the election on his behalf, they should be aware that while perhaps they can succeed in sabotaging Trump's administration, they also run a very high risk of taking themselves down with him, too.