Red Alert! China Recruiting White Liberals as Spies and Traitors

China's security services has always faced a major ethnic problem: because China is both a racist and racially-distinct nation, it has always been very difficult to recruit and sustain non-ethnic Chinamen for espionage and treachery.

This was even more problematic when the Chinese were facing an overtly liberal Western government, and so they had to appeal to either ostracized minority groups or mercenaries for espionage work.

An example of this arrangement is using Pakistani radicals to spy on the US or commit treachery and/or terrorism: a covert Pakistani militant US resident from a hard-line anti-Indian militia, grudgingly cooperating with the Chinese because he needs their support in Kashmir. While this agent will do the job, he isn't the ideal candidate nor will likely succeed in penetrating highly-secured facilities or institutions.

Opportunity: Angry White Liberals

There are lots of people who truly hate Trump. In fact, they hate Trump so much, if you told them Trump's Team would be flushed with the push of a button, but 90% of America would die, too, they would still push that button.

This is the mindset you need, one of determined hatred and which accepts mutually-assured destruction, in order to begin recruiting fresh agents in previously untouched areas.

White Liberals in High Places

China has a once-in-an-eternity opportunity to recruit extremely powerful White Liberals as agents into her security services.

Many of these White Liberals in government have security clearances and clean dossiers, giving them access to information and infrastructure that is not only of interest to the Chinese S&T bureau, but also, in the event of a war, highly vulnerable critical infrastructure that would sabotage the US' war effort against China or even kill American servicemen or civilians.

This is only the Government White Liberals: the White Liberals in Academia, Industry, and Entertainment also can easily be recruited in a Globalist Anti-Trump Movement, all the while really just serving the Chinese Communist Party ruling Junta and their personal grudges against Trump and his evil White Male supporters.

Liberal Regional Secessionism

The Liberal Regional Secessionist movement is fully endorsed and supported by the Chinese. They want to maximize the strife and division within the US.

White Liberals: Using War With China to Overthrow Trump

It is quite likely that the US and China will go to war. However, China desperately needs to keep the US divided, as the only hope for a Chinese strategic victory is for the US to sue for peace because of domestic turmoil.

A pro-Chinese White Liberal shadow-army (or even overt, in case of secessionism), coordinating its activities with Chinese Intelligence, could cause catastrophic damage and crush morale within the US population and military.

White Liberal agents, using a combined S&T(to penetrate defenses and countermeasures) and sabotage(compromise hardened targets) program, could even facilitate attacks on key US bases, such as Guam.

Strategic Defeat for Trump's America is the End of Team Trump

If Guam were to be neutralized, the US will have to conceed control of the Pacific to China. This is the nightmare scenario for the US, and it means Trump would not only be impeached, but would even be purged, himself, facing criminal charges or worse.

The entire Trump alliance and network would be crushed, and the Globalists could finally regain hegemony after a brief electoral setback.

For the White Liberal faction, America losing a war and tens or hundreds of thousands servicemen dying is a small price to pay for removing Trump from power.