2017 Predictions

As of the first day of the New Year, here are our predictions for 2017:

  • Netanyhu navigates messy politics and annexes a conservative portion of the West Bank settlement region under Israeli Military control, not all of it.

  • ISIS becomes accepted as the de facto opposition for Sunni Muslims revolting against the Establishment in the Arab world.

  • Europe breaths a sigh of relief as ISIS, under the influence of and attack by various foreign agencies, focuses its efforts on overthrowing regional powers and consolidating power. ISIS may even have back-channel negotiations, facilitated by Russia and Turkey, directly with the EU for various concession in exchange for halting the terror flow into the EU, specifically for control of various Arab territories. Foreign intelligence agencies cripple ISIS' stubborn networks within the EU and, under various guises, inflict painful reprisals. Germans are good at this.

  • Russia and Germany continue to maintain peace between each other, with terrorist attacks rapidly declining within the EU as Russia fully cooperates to help contain the Islamist threat within Europe.

  • Russian capital markets continue to improve as she further stabilizes under the German peace deal.

  • Europe Union begins formally merging national armies under a single European Command. This is the most consequential event in the West of this year.

  • American lobbyists and politicans will continue to pressure the EU to remain under an American-dominated NATO, but they ultimately fail due to events in Israel, the Trump New Europe Plan, and the German peace and cooperation treaty with Russia. Trump's NATO platform is key to facilitate this European Army in 2017.

  • Angela Merkel is re-elected in the 2017 election. She may have a surrogate run, in her place, but her platform and vision will persist in Germany: no nationalistic nor isolationist party will succeed in de-railing the EU in 2017.