Peter Thiel's Terror Machine

Peter Thiel is truly the greatest warlord of Team Trump. He is a veritable khan of the Trump Horde.

That he is gay accords with what DH Lawrence once wrote, "I should like to know why nearly every man that approaches greatness tends to homosexuality, whether he admits it or not ..."

Thiel's Mongol Raiders

As I said earlier, the Left sacrificed its old elite to front-run Team Trump's assault against the Clinton machine.

I was skeptical Team Trump had the will to match the Left's massive Maoist self-purging, but I overlooked that Team Trump, while unwilling to divulge their personal lives, is willing to burn its own plantation to the ground to spite their enemies.

Just as Team Trump underestimated the Left's will to flagellate and purge itself, so did the Left underestimate just how much capital and cost Team Trump is willing to exhaust in pursuing and destroying them.

By the way, this war between our ruling elites is the cause of the next "economic crisis" in America.

TEAM TRUMP: Attack Opposition Monopolies

Team Trump has not and will not match the Left in its Maoist-style purge: they will go even deeper by attacking the financing of the Left, directly, by destroying the Left's progressive-controlled monopolies and their appointees in government and various security agencies.


There is an actual war in Silicon Valley, and it is between Team Trump's Peter Thiel and the two opposition-financing behemoths:

Google and Amazon

Just recently, Thiel was forced-out of Y-Combinator, the prestigious VC firm.

Also, recently, Amazon aligned itself overtly with the CIA, which itself is a shockingly progressive institution (oscillates from either fascist or progressive).

Bezos already has a position at DARPA and IAS, as do some elite Google affiliates.

Team Trump can not rule America until Bezos and the Google Progressives are purged from the defense establishment, DARPA, and even the IAS.

More shocks to the Silicon Valley establishment are coming, and it will prove very bloody (and also very profitable for well-informed insiders).

Why Not Facebook?

Firstly, Thiel is on the board of Facebook.

However, how he stayed on the board is more interesting.

An insight into how Thiel defended his position comes from Sean Parker, who made an odd admission, a few weeks ago, that FaceBook was harming children's mental health.

How The Thiel Terror Machine Broke Zucc

Any expert in Oligarch-oligy understands this to be a not-so subtle warning to Zuckerberg: comply, or become Thiel's lunch:

'We'll get you eventually," Parker said. And he added that the initial goals for companies like Facebook, which Parker served as the first president of, were to make sure users spent as much time on their sites as possible. Interactions such as likes and comments served to bring people deeper into the site, about which Parker said, "It's a social-validation feedback loop ... exactly the kind of thing that a hacker like myself would come up with, because you're exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology."

He said that he, Mark Zuckerberg and others understood this, "And we did it anyway." Now he wonders if the widespread use of social network sites like Facebook has altered our productivity just as it has our social interactions. "God only knows what it's doing to our children's brains," he said.

Shortly after this confession by Sean Parker, Zucc understood the implicit threat, and so Facebook did the most un-PC thing possible:


Yes, the actual third-world tyrant who has actual death-squads just closed a massive deal with Facebook! This only happened after Thiel shoved Sean Parker into a locker and told him to make it very clear to Zucc that Facebook will either help Team Trump or else join the fate of Bezos and Google, on the Thiel's personal hit-list.

Facebook: A Major Victory for Trump

By aligning Facebook with the Duterte administration, Thiel and Team Trump understand they have unlimited blackmail potential against Zuckerberg. Every single heinous crime of the Duterte administration is now a stain on Facebook's legacy, and so Zuckerberg would be ill-advised to repudiate Team Trump or else risk being accused of facilitating... genocide, perhaps?

Amazon & Google: Total War

It will take all the cunning and will of Team Trump to purge progressive Amazon and Google insiders from the defense establishment and government.

Unfortunately, it won't happen without dethroning Bezos.

To that end, Bezos will align himself with whatever opposition he can to protect himself from the Thiel Terror Machine.