Paul Revere VS Rocket Man

Between 1951 and 1953, anticipating a series of new conflicts in Asia, both in Korea and Indochina(at the time), the US Government initiated a "messaging diffusion experiment" known as "Project Revere," an allusion to Paul Revere of the revolutionary war.

The project was meant to provide insights into the mechanics and dynamics of message diffusion within a given population. It entailed dropping various sorts of leaflets over a variety of American populations, with instructions to either call a number or mail the leaflet to a given address.

An actual leaflet from this experiment is posted below:

The experiment sought to understand and characterize how people respond to solicitations, especially from the air, and the data was used to better tune the leaflets that would be soon dropped in Korea and Indochina/Vietnam.

Project Revere was a very interesting and clever experiment, and I highly suggest curious minds read this well-researched page for futher details:

Elon Musk VS Rocketman

Twitter and Social Media are the new "leaflet campaigns" for national security and defense agencies. Leaflets are still used for backwaters and in certain exigencies, but in general, everyone in the West has gone to pure social-media "social hacking".

Who but Elon Musk, social media influencer sans pareil, to initiate this experiment?

Here was Musk's tweet, doing God's work in his ordained provocation:

Did It Work?

Over 130 people called, reporting a "North Korean rocket or alien" over LA.

Why Do This?

This experiment with Musk's rockets has several possible purposes. Do note that there has been a lot of UFO publicity, lately, and it is not an accident: the UFO noise was meant to "seed" the public with an alternative opinion of anomalies in the sky.

  • Measure response of public: does the public believe something flying in the sky is a UFO or rocket?
    • Of those who identify it as a UFO, what are their beliefs about the likelihood of war with North Korea? What is their demographic? Who are their social influencers?
    • For the people identifying it as a North Korean rocket, what is their demographic? Who are their primary social influencers?
  • What it is NOT: an attempt to terrorize left-coast Americans into anticipating an existential threat and acceeding to a casus belli against North Korea

Fortunately, social media tracking and IP sniffers give all the demographic and social graph data needed for the various Federal agencies to do this analysis in a matter of days, not years.

Bad News: It Means Korean War is Coming Very, Very Soon

We are tuning an information war against the North Koreans.

This experiment helps our military and intelligence agencies prepare the massive psy-ops campaign needed to coerce and manipulate terrified and confused North Korean civilians and military personnel into obedience or surrender.

By signaling two opposing theses, both of which are paranoid, the government agencies want to estimate how to best message the North Korean people before and during the conflict.

The psyops against North Koreans will be wild: it will have the equivalent dichotomies of "UFO's or North Korean ICBM's over LA". It is desired that the lower-classes and less-educated to interpret the message as a "UFO", and the higher classes of North Koreans will believe the "ICBM message".

It is imperative to tune the messaging as best as possible in order to maximize the psychological manipulation amongst the varying social classes and influencers in different strata and orbits of North Korean society.

Thanks for playing, America.