Operation Yachin Gadol: Why Real Zionists Back Nazis

It is impossible to understand Israel without spending time in the West Bank. A well-fortified West Bank is a strategic imperative to not only protect Israel militarily, but more importantly, socially.

There is Precedent for a Civil War Within Israel: It Has Happened Before

Jews have experienced internicine civil wars before. In fact, Hanukkah was really a civil war against assimilation and apikoros rather than a "rebellion" against the Greeks: it was bloody Jew-on-Jew fighting for the destiny of the Jewish people.

West Bank: Toxic Waste for Israeli Left

The Israeli Left wants the West Bank gone: the Dati Leumi (religious nationalists) who inhabit the West Bank are neither secular nor liberal, and they drain resources and manpower from the rest of Israel, which already endures austerity because of the security demands associated with policing the West Bank towns under Israeli Military control.

Israeli Left: Backed by Liberal Jews in the US

The Israeli Left is financed and supported by the "moderate" and Liberal Jews within the US.

Israeli Left and Religious Nationalists: Hatred

It is impossible to appreciate the degree of hatred the Religious Nationalists in the West Bank feel for the Israeli Left. If one spends time in the Israeli West Bank towns, he might hear a frustrated resident mention the phrase, "civil war".

This is no accident, and the recent evacuation of Amona elicited similar outrage and sentiment among the Israeli Right.

Operation Yachin: Terrorize and Coerce Jews to Flee Morocco

Operation Yachin was a Mossad effort to move 160,000 Moroccan Jews from Morocco to Israel.

For centuries, the Moroccan Jews had lived happily and safely in Morocco, but Israel needed manpower and bodies, and so Mossad obliged and invoked Operation Yachin.

The purpose of Yachin was to use persuasion and, when that failed, mortal terror, both engendered by Mossad agents and surrogates, to convince the heretofore content Moroccan Jews to flee to Israel.

It worked, even though Mossad had to kill dozens of Moroccan Jews in the process.

Israel at the Brink: Obama and the Israeli Left

The Israeli Left adore Obama: HE IS their Messiah. They completely agreed with and supported his UN resolution to surrender the West Bank and make Jerusalem an "international", not Jewish, city.

The Israeli Left would not be able to sustain this effort without support from Liberal and Moderate Jews in the US.

Israeli Right: Back to the Wall

The Israeli Right had a major problem, with both influential and wealthy Liberal Jews in the US and the Israeli Left at home. They needed allies, fast, to stop the West Bank from becoming political unfeasible and isolated.

Decaying Evangelical Christian Right

The Israeli Right, as we mentioned in a prior article, built an alliance with the Christian Right and Evangelicals in the US: in exchange for support from Congressmen in Red States for the Israeli Right, the Israeli Right would help Evangelicals influence Jewish Democratic and Liberal Congressmen, giving them a boost in national power and more influence in key military institutions, something they eagerly sought.

This potency of this conduit began to break down, though, during the Obama years, and towards the end of the Obama administration, effectively died. This was demonstrated by Obama's ability to successfully lobby for the UN resolution against the Israeli West Bank towns.

Something needed to change, and around 2012-2013, it did.

Trump and the neo-Fascist Movement

The Christian Right, losing its potency in Congress but still maintaing influence within the military, gave up on the "Conservative" movement and GOP Establishment and allied itself with Trump and his bloc.

Realizing they had been betrayed by the Cucks under Bush and faced annihilation under a Clinton Administration, the Christian Right agreed to indulge a Nazi hard-right to provoke the Left and push moderates into the Evangelical camp.

As the Israeli Right was part of the Evangelical alliance, they, too, agreed to using Nazi's to help convert moderates and Cucks into raving fascists baying for Liberal blood.

However, the Israeli Right knew that a potent Liberal Jewish establishment could still sabotage their plans in the West Bank. They needed their own Operation Yachin.

Troll Liberal Jews into Far Left & Isolate Them Politically

Trump's Nazi's are intended to troll Liberal Jews into the Far-Left and estrange them from the mainstream political parties and platforms, reducing their Congressional relevance and thus forcing the Israeli Left to compromise with the Israeli Right and accept the continued West Bank annexation program, as the Knesset recently did this week, for the first time in Israel's history.

Liberal Jews are Fair Game

A lot of the social media psy-op is directed against Liberal Jews, who often are "anti-White" and oppose any potent religion(aside from Islam), especially Christianity, in the US.

These same Liberal Jews have lost their protected status under Trump, as they not only finance the enemies of the Evangelicals, but they also pose the greatest threat to the West Bank and its ongoing annexation campaign in Israel by bankrolling the Israeli Left and pressuring Congressmen and multilateral institutions, such as the UN's recent resolution against the West Bank.

Things have come to a head, and there is no reward for fighting cleanly.

Need to Break a Few Eggs to Make A Greater Israeli Shakshuka

We have already seen many Jewish celebrities implode and ruin their reputation after being trolled into social suicide.

The continued campaign to push Liberal Jews into the political and social margins will not end, and if necessary, it is entirely acceptable to the Israeli Right that the Liberal Jews even face an actual pogrom, losing both wealth and their lives.

To this end, the Israeli Right and Real Zionists accept, just as they did in Operation Yachin, sacrificing the safety and security of the Liberal Jews in the US in order to secure the future for a Greater Israel.

Real Zionists back the Nazis in America.