Operation CuckWind

The NeoCons and Globalists have finally launched their coup against Trump. We shall it, "Operation CuckWind".

NeoCons & Globalists: Unable to Contain Their Excitement

The NeoCons and Globalists were all very giddy the past few days on social media and MSM. It wasn't clear why they spontaneously regained their confidence and became defiant, but now it's clear.

Radio Chatter: Preceeding Offensive

From McCain to McFaul, from Rick Wilson to Fred Wilson, the NeoCons and Globalist all went into a head-long media offensive attacking Trump.

It should have been more obvious to us, sooner, that this was all coordinated with a massive sneak-attack against the Trump administration.

NeoCons & Globalists: Operation CuckWind

"Operation CuckWind" is John McCain's conspiracy to destroy's Trump's Russia-China pivot. The seeds of this plan were sown a month ago, when McCain was in Ukraine conspiring with Poroshenko's teetering government.

CuckWind Objective: Facts on the Ground to Stymie Trump's Pivot

The objective of Operation CuckWind is to create "facts on the ground": chaos, mayhem, and a culpable Russian government behind it all.

With chaos engulfing Ukraine and Russia, Trump will find himself unable to pivot Russia away from China and back towards the West.

Unfortunately for Russia, the truth is, she did invade Ukraine in 2014 and was responsible for many of the outrages that occured in the DNR/LNR, but this is one of the few times that Russia really is innocent.

This means for many in Europe, Russia has to do a lot to prove her goodwill. War can make that a lot harder.

Pre-Battle Diversion: Bogus FSB-CIA Treason Plot

There was news about "treason" within the FSB related to "election hacking" (which didn't happen: Russia was a partner with the Kissinger/Trump Team in cultivating Wikileaks, not a malicious hacker).

This FSB Treason conspiracy was coordinated with the assault launched the following day by the Ukrainians against the Russians and allied Ukrainians in the DNR.

The noise has died-down about this bogus treason within the FSB, but it certainly did distract Putin while McCain helped Poroshenko mobilize his forces.

Poroshenko's All-Out Push in Donetsk

Poroshenko, sensing his doom under a Trump administration not willing to blindly underwrite his incompetence, agreed to throw his men into a massive attack against the Russian front on Donetsk.

The Ukrainian men themselves fought valiantly and scored some modest early successes against the DNR and repelled their counter-attacks.

CuckWind'ing the French and German Elections

McCain wants to terrorize the inchoate partnerships Trump has established within Germany and try to break his new understanding with Merkel. The hope was that by provoking a massive war between Russia and Ukraine, it will turn Trump's bogus PR war with Merkel into a real one.

Putin: Call Poroshenko's Bluff

All is not lost, though: it might make sense for Putin to unilaterally retreat and let Poroshenko inherit the mess in Donetsk.

The NeoCons may exult for a week, but they would still lose, in the end: while it would put more pressure on Crimea negotiations in the short term, it would also engender frenetic nationalism within Ukraine, which would spook the Germans and actually make them more eager to return to the table.

An ultra-nationalistic Ukrainian government is more of a problem for the EU than for Russia. The NeoCons, having poor judgement, fail to appreciate this, and so their scheme will fail, just as the bold Operation NordWind proved equally futile.