On Trolling: How Then Shall We Live?

There's a reason why Team Trump has defied the odds -- every single time -- and it is characterized by one simple reality:

Trump's Trolls have the Truth on their side.

Anger Is Never Dishonest

The purpose of Trump Trolling his opposition lies in a complete understanding of the adversary's psychology: Trump Trolls know their adversaries better than they know themselves.

Trump Trolls know that their adversaries are hypocrites and sometimes even liars. They provoke and attack accordingly.

By provoking their adversaries into an actual rage, they force them to publicly reveal every ounce of their psyche, and in most cases, this public outburst proves divisive and offensive, especially to the "silent majority".

Wait, Isn't That Racist?

The purpose of Trump's Troll Army is to reveal the inner character of his opposition. The actual beliefs, defended or attacked, are not relevant.

NeoCons and Cuckservatives: Primary Adversary

NeoCons and Cuckservatives are selfish and cowardly bastards. Their faction corroded the civic society within the US and bled the country dry in futile wars.

However, a placid media allowed their platforms to retain a respectable public conservative and patriotic image.

By forcing the NeoCons and Cucks to reveal their true characters through relentless trolling, they lost public credibility when they could no longer restrain their corrupted inner-nature and revealed their rotten souls to the public.

The Pseudo-Left: Enlightened Self-Dealing AND Self-Interest

The Pseudo-Left, Fabian Society, whatever you want to call it, maintains a self-righteous liberal public image, but it's all a front: at the end of the day, the leaders and backers of the Pseudo-Left live a jet-setting lifestyle and only indulge in liberalism as a balm to their personal anxieties or an exercise in moral vanity.

If they would only stop marrying each other, the Pseudo-Left wouldn't look so much like Louis XVI's court.

Trolling or Evolution?

The MSM is a failure: it's an obsolete appendage of an (erstwhile) stagnant elite. The failed media, though, created room for credible opposition against stagnant or failed elites, and it is trolling that successfully filled this void.