Occupied Donetsk & Lugansk Returning to Ukraine

Saturday Call

Tomorrow, there will be a 3-way call with Putin, Merkel, and Hollande.

Outcome: Russian Sanctions Lifted in Exchange for Return of Occupied Donetsk & Lugansk

With sufficient political cover and noise about Putin "controlling Trump", Putin will ignominiously return occuiped Donetsk and Lugansk to Ukraine.

In return, sanctions will be lifted on Russia.

Accepting Crimea as Part of Russia

Trump, Merkel, and Hollande will agree to accept Crimea as Russian territory.

There may be an agreement to allow some token Ukrainian presence in Crimea. In all likelihood, though, there will be no public concession on the Russian side regarding Crimea.

Mopping-Up Novorossia Gopniks

The FSB has been busy for months murdering any Novorossia leaders who may risk humiliating Putin or threatening him with a coup after he returns DNR/LNR to Ukraine.

Latest Gopnik Whacked

Today, they killed another Novorossia former honcho, Valery Bolotov. Bolotov was a former head of the LNR in its early days.

Radio Silence: Kazakhstan: Quiet Eurasian Collapse

With no fanfare, Kazakhstan's tyrant formally devolved power to his parliament.

While skeptics dismiss this move, it does mean an aboslute dilution of the President's authority and the complete collapse of the Eurasian Dream entertained by many useful fools in the Putin clown-car.

With the fall of the tyranny in Kazakhstan, there is neither plan nor method for Putin to maintain any illusion of control of Kazakhstan, whose people have little interest in being a second-rate Russian proxy.

Why Did Kazakhstan Reform?

Kazakhstan was in a state of financial crisis, and only through meaningful domestic reform, which necessarily meant a dilution of Russian influence in Kazakhstan, could Kazakhstan receive the necessary Western aid to prop-up its collapsed banking system and avert civil war.

Russia: Broken Vassal of Merkel and Trump

Russia failed in her exercise of empire. Putin can buy himself time from revolution with Western aid, but another stiff challenge to the nation, and it is unlikely that his regime will survive.

Once the Trump euphoria and Putin myth wear off, Putin will be resented and soon despised by his people as an inept and cruel leader.