ISIS Trolling American Allies to Suicide: Obama was Right!

Obama was not a great President, but he certainly was not the worst: that distinction goes to his predecessor, George W. Bush.

However, despite his many and deep flaws, he was certainly right about one thing: the trap of falling into the "crusader mentality" against Islam and the Jihadist threat.

Top government analysts publicly agreed with our analysis that the price of the US betraying Aleppo will result in more ISIS terrorism here and abroad. We already addressed why Obama betrayed Aleppo in a prior article.

However, what Obama does understand well, is that if the US and West were to publicly declare and mobilize for a war against ISIS, it could soon degenerate into a war against Islam.

It is really dumb to think that ISIS today is stupid enough to think they can beat the US military in a pitch battle. ISIS' plan is to lose every battle and still win the war.


1) Assume every pitch engagement with the US military will eventually be lost.

2) Assume US-allied Arab regimes are run by cruel mafias, which gladly resort to torture and murder to stay in power.

3) When(not if) ISIS retreats on the battlefield and is suffering defeat against the US, use this defeat in the battlefield to encourage Arab allies of the West to overextend their domestic oppression and become more aggressive against their own population. It is crucial that ISIS goads these Arab regimes into mass-oppression, and given their history, it shouldn't be very hard to do this.

4) This is very important: as Arab allies abuse and punish their own people, this oppression will force all domestic moderates and opposition into ISIS: ISIS will become the ONLY credible option for an angry Sunni Arab!

5) Eventually, the Arab allies collapse under a coup or revolution, while the Americans evacuate their bases, rifles on their shoulders, and having never lost a single battle.

ISIS plans on losing every battle with the US but winning the hearts of every Sunni Arab. Good luck, Trump, with your plan.