Obama Just Crowned Trump Emperor of USA


We just survived a historic event: the passage of a UN resolution against Israel's West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements. America could have veto'ed the resolution, but Obama did not want to do so.

Recall, that we almost DAILY insist on how IMPORTANT these settlements are to global history: they are the axis of history, right now, and things are about to go into overdrive.


Previously, Leftists, Progs, and the Cucks within the CIA, military(not many, there, but they do exist), Congress, Judiciary, and other agencies fancied some sort of coup against Trump or means of sabotaging his regime. It meant that Trump could expect huge bureaucratic resistance to some of his initiatives or even outright defiance from Congress, which would do anything to stop a real outsider from draining their very comfortable and profitable swamp.

All of these bureaucrats and politicians have one thing in common: they depend on donors. Politicians depend on donors directly to win elections, and bureaucrats indirectly depend on donors to finance political support for their bureaucracy. Makes sense, right?


Real Right-Wing Jews almost all backed Trump, but they are a minority. Many Jewish billionaires and political organizations supported Hillary during the election. Many of these same people and organizations also backed Obama.

After the UNSC resolution against Israel, a huge number of these Jewish donors are now in a actual panic: they are completely outraged that Obama would allow such an existential threat against Israel to manifest at the UN, let alone pass! They feel that they lost complete control of the US' policy towards Israel, their beloved country.


You must understand that there are two Jewish factions which support the UNSC resolution, and they are in two distinct camps: the International Progressives and the Israeli Left.

The International Progressives is the Soros camp: these are billionaires who think they are above being human and know it all. They live in a different world than normal people and see normal values as "problems to overcome". Naturally, they never apply their own critical eye on themselves or their own lifestyle.

Donors are not all the same: it is CRITICAL to understand that these International Progressives are of an even "higher class" than the typical Jewish American donor: they don't even talk to someone like Carl Icahn, and they certainly do not value his opinion. These International Progressives get special invitations to the UN, chat with Angelina Jolie, attend fancy private parties, etc.: they sincerely believe they are the true global elite. Their arrogance towards the normal Jewish American donors will cost them everything, though.

The Israeli Left is simpler and much more sincere: these are normal people who are just sick and tired of paying for security and dealing with the hassle of the settlements, and they want a totally different future for Israel. These are people who must send their children to war to fight for these settlements, and for a variety of reasons, they do not want this to happen.

The Israeli Left absolutely worship Obama, especially after the UNSC Resolution. It's very important to know this!

Obama obviously talks a lot of with Billionaire Progressives, but those same billionaires also sell him the Israeli Left, and so Obama is convinced he's doing right by Israel to support this UNSC resolution.


Netanyahu thought he could avoid this UNSC disaster by playing a game with a small settlement called "Amona". The Israeli Supreme Court recently ruled against it, but then changed its mind and gave it more time.

These antics probably are what caused Obama and his team to lose patience, as they could clearly see that Netanyahu was trying to stall for time until Trump came, and so Obama decided to deliver the fatal blow before he left office.


This UNSC Resolution was such a big deal, certain provocateurs (can't say from which state, but we are pretty certain it was probably Russian ones) desecrated a Jewish holy grave in Ukraine. That this desecration occurred during this UNSC Resolution and Russia's most recent mini-offensive in Ukraine suggests Russia sought to troll Ukrainians into more panic domestically and also scare more religious Jews into a pro-Putin/pro-Trump alignment.


Trump is resolutely pro-Israel. He could not possibly be more pro-Israel or Zionist. All the upset Jewish donors have no option but to support him and his administration 100%. This means his enemies are out of money, and in DC, friendship is money.

I don't know if Obama made this deal against Israel to either punish someone within the democratic party or help Trump, but I fear he and his administration are sincerely ignorant and arrogant enough to think that they actually "changed history" rather than just guaranteed the political survival of their nemesis.