North Korean Hacking of Atlanta: First Delta, Now the Entire Airport

Kim Jung Un missed his father's public showing in the requiem, a notable absence.

Such deviations from protocol merit attention, since in a hyper-confucian society such as DPRK, ancestor worship is the crux of the State and its Religion.

Why The Change in Protocol?

Why would a tyrant locked in a bitter battle with the world's super-power miss a public event?

Simple: self-preservation... because he knows he did something that will upset them.

2017 Atlanta Airport Hack: The 2016 Delta Hub Hack, All Over Again

On August 8th, 2016, the Delta hub in Atlanta lost all power because of a failed switchgear.

Then, as now, the regional utility had no indication of a grid-outage or any large-scale problem. The failure was a specific switchgear within the power-island of the facility.

This switchgear hacking occured shortly after a major missile test by North Korea on August 3rd, 2016.

In a proportional retaliation(characteristically Obama-style), North Korean arm shipments were seized in Egypt on August 11th.

Why DPRK Needs to Hack Our Infrastructure: Bluffing Bluffers

The North Koreans desperately want to add another bullet to the "North Korean Threat Assesment" powerpoints in the Pentagon and White House: CYBER ATTACKS.

By making credible cyber attacks against vulnerable infrastructure, the North Koreans seek to coerce the security and political establishment in the US into accepting a credible multi-faceted North Korean threat.

If the American security and political elite believe North Korea is a one-trick pony with half-assed nuclear missiles, then the US feels it can continue to menace and isolate North Korea on the legitimate basis of a WMD mass attack, and with crippling sanctions draining the resources of the regime, force North Korea to make the first military move and probably lose the ensuing war. This is the current strategy.

However, if the American establishment wants to maintain the mythology that its infrastructure is indeed safe and under control, then the North Koreans will have to cease further cyber-attacks against American infrastructure. Another major hacking, especially at another airport, and the media will not be able to cover for the Administration.

Trump knows this.

That means either the Americans negotiate a deal with North Korea, or Jim Mattis rides shotgun on a B-52 over Pyongyang.

Response by Trump: Cryptic Tweets About Wright Brothers

Beyond a cryptic tweet alluding to the Wright Brothers and American aviation, there was no formal response by Trump to the North Korean hacking of Atlanta airport.

The American media can not disclose what really happened in Atlanta, without first coordiating it with key national security officials.

If the American government were to publicly attribute the Atlanta airport blackout to a North Korean cyber-attack, it would be a pretext to an actual war.