New Believer: Day 1

It is Day 1 of the New Believer World.

For those reading this blog, we have officially abandoned political topics and will only mention when they affect philosophical or social aspects of our new society.

Time For Talk is Over: Time to Act

We are serious about abandoning mainstream society.

We will no longer talk idly about issues: we will now focus on collaborating in our philosophical training with congenial souls.

Only from a Divinely cultivated basis may a new, beautiful culture and society emerge.

Format Change: Interactive

The format of this blog is now going to change. We will begin by assigning reading and then discussing it amongst ourselves.

Perplexing Times Requires Guidance

Our first book will be the Maimonides classic, "The Guide for the Perplexed". Because our Hebrew leaves something to be desired, we will be reading the Friedlander translation.

You may choose whichever edition you desire.

All Future Posts Will Be Related to Our Reading and Associated Discussion

While I know we shall deviate and naturally discuss politics in our comments platform(Twitter, for now), do understand that from here-on out, we are now a cultural platform.

Readings Will Start Tomorrow

We will begin reading The Guide for the Perplexed this coming Friday night, tomorrow. Start with Maimonides' introduction. We will update this blog Saturday night.