ISIS is Smarter than Soros

The principles of Islam prove completely antithetical to those of the Secular Humanist Elite(SHE).

This begs the question: why does the Left elite want so many Muslims in their country? There are several reasons.

Steal Their Virility

Muslims are virile, and since the atheists need bodies for their plantations(they are no longer "countries"), the SHE appreciates the attending high birthrates of Muslim communities.

Reloading the Dialectic

Practicing Muslims will invariably have conventions or beliefs that clash with those of the non-secular population. As the SHE is obsessed with dialectical "progress", these clashes are not only anticipated, but desired, as they are seen as the opportunities under which they can undermine the remaining few non-secular communities in the West.

Question: Are Muslims Stupid?

We can see clearly how Muslims are cynically used by the SHE. However, just as we have mentioned with ISIS, these are terms of convenience, not surrender.

If Muslims were stupid, they would be encouraging suicidal modern Western behavior in their own community. If one were to look at Muslim behavior, though, they are gaining converts, not losing believers, precisely because they are not adopting Western suicidal values. They are becoming more, not less, religious, even if their religious expression has been influenced by their education and upbringing in the West.

The Secular Humanist Elite Error: Assuming All Religion is Equally Worthless

The fundamental error of the SHE is assuming that all religion is inherently logically unfalsifiable and therefore meaningless convention or fantasy. The SHE believes that with enough propaganda and economic social engineering, it can reprogram Muslims. Because this idea is wrong, it is not only not working but actually having the reverse effect: Muslims in Europe, especially, increasingly resent and despise the white Europeans.

The origin of this confusion lies with the West's experience with Christianity and the Church. The SHE confuses the decline and fall of the great Christian faith with the virile and potent Faith of Empire, Islam. The SHE confuses the Church self-destructing with some sort of "victory" of their dialectic or intellectual merit: it is far from the case, and the growing potency and defiance of Muslims in Europe proves this.

Considering the enduring appeal of ISIS to the Muslim diaspora throughout the West, it seems that the Western Secular Humanist Elite will never succeed in its fantastic dream of corrupting Islam. History will look at the SHE with contempt for its lazy, selfish, cowardly, and idiotic embrace of such a dangerous and inimical spirit.