MSM Hit Job on Nixon: Target is Kissinger and Trump

Event: MSM Accuses Nixon of Treason

The MSM recently launched a hit-job against Nixon for supposedly conspiring to protract the Vietnam war in order to win re-election in 1968.

This story about Nixon's "treason" in Vietnam broadcast, even though the general public has no interest in events from the Vietnam era.

Timing: Why Now???

On the eve of a Kissinger-led coup against the reigning establishment, the establishment sought to undermine confidence in Kissinger and his legacy, trying to spook Team Trump's coherence for the upcoming fight over his administration.

Establishment Threatening Kissinger & Trump

Further leaks may come from the NeoCucks and establishment against Kissinger, the nerve center of the Trump administration. Considering that this attack failed to gain momentum and the recent embarrassing revelations regarding the less-than-rigorous FBI investigation on the DNC server hack, it seems that the counter-revolutionaries' efforts failed to spook Team Trump and their loyalty to Kissinger.

Kissinger outclasses all of his opponents in every dimension. They should quit before they truly embarrass themselves and salvage what is left of their careers and legacies.