Modi's Cash Ban: Silicon Valley's Sealed Train From Beijing

Recall Modi's sponatenous cash-ban on high-value notes?

It caused huge damage to Indian society. It's such a bad idea, only an unholy trinity at the 13th hour could have conceived such callous austerity on very vulnerable people.

Greedy Oligarchs: Need New Markets!

China knows the Silicon Valley oligarchs desperately want a piece of the Chinese market, but the Party will only grant concessions contingent on loyal performance by these foreign oligarch vassals.

Silicon Valley & India: Like Lenin and Russia

India is China's strategic whipping-boy in the coming show-down over the South China Seas.

China has a strategic imperative to destabilize India.

American Oligarchs: Stroking Modi's Ego, but Undermining His Nation

Modi is careless and recklessly induldged short-term greed in exchange for undermining the stability of his country.

The political damage from this rupee purge has yet to heal, and, as seen in Ukraine, corruption can't be cured with mere app's and software: it takes Will and leadership.

Chinese Pushing Bad Ideas into India

The Chinese were behind this cash-ban in India. While Globalists saw it as an "experiment" and Indian IYI's fell for the sales pitch, India's civic society and political coherence took a huge blow, right before an upcoming regional war.

The Chinese know how to manipulate the egos and greed of the globalists, and this incident was just one example of globalists blithely subverting nation-states at the behest of a competing nation-state and race.