Message to Deplorables: Save Yourselves

For any sincere Trump supporter out there, I have only one message:


The revolution failed. Trump lacks the will and integrity necessary to win this battle without compromising the interests of his selfish oligarch backers, and so do not think he will do anything but self-deal and win himself a very nice payoff in the very near-future.

Deplorables: You Are on Your Own

Deplorables no longer have a King, and even worse, he gave them up with hardly a fight. The problem is systemic and very dismaying.

Deplorables, you will never again have political representation in this country. You already have been replaced.

Trump: A Top-Down, Not Bottom-Up Effort

Trump was brittle because he was a top-down, not bottom-up insurgency campaign. His campaign was contrived and developed in mansions and during cocktail parties, not through hard fighting in winter conditions nor pious prayer.

Easy Come, Easy Go

How hard did the average Deplorable fight for Trump? Did he lose his home or die? That is what a real civil war takes, and Trump sure as hell wouldn't risk losing his house or his life: that's for suckers, not fuckers like he is!

Personal Advice: Eschew Politics and Focus on Local Communities

Deplorables, you have no future, politically. You are done. Any and all political efforts that solicit you in the future are scams.

Your only hope is to abandon mainstream society, because mainstream society has already ABANDONED YOU! You must see this or be ground to oblivion, because there will be no mercy shown to you for being so weak.

Alt-thisorthat, Ethno-scams, etc: All Vampires for Oligarchs

Every political entity thrown at you or meant to appeal to your anxieties or frustrations are just oligarchs trying to squeeze political juice from your miserable lives.

Don't share your energy with these vampires. Emulate the wise religious communities in America, and form coherent, mutual communities.

Those Who Deserve to Be Saved, Will Be

Communities which defend and support each other will survive the coming dark era. Those Deplorables who insist on living an atomised and selfish lifestyle will face not just extinciton, but oblivion.

It is an ignominious yet, ultimately, just end.