Merkel & McCain: Stasi vs CIA

Syria Peace Deal & the NeoCons

As we mentioned already, Germany has waged a successful counter-attack against Russia's aggression on the European Establishment. Putin pushed Merkel so far, that she retaliated with terrorism against his ambassador and his prestigious Red Army Choir.

Now that Putin has regained his respect for Merkel, he has to either cut a deal or escalate his retaliation. As of now, it seems that there is an understanding although not a formalized deal, yet, and that a new relationship will be established between Merkel and Putin.

The Trade

Merkel will lift sanctions and recognize Crimea as part of Russia, and in exchange, Putin will:

  • collaborate fully with the EU in Syria
    • Note: Merkel wants more Muslim refugees to replace her dying-off white Germans, and so she doesn't care about more migrants: she just doesn't want Russia using them to undermine the Establishment
  • cease all psy-ops against German Establishment
  • coordinate future domestic psy-ops with German Intelligence to help Merkel win in 2017

McCain isn't Worth Merkel's Election

Merkel has an election in 2017, one that she desperately wants to win. She refuses to end up like Crooked Hillary, in the dustbin of history, and with a European Establishment in tatters.

Fake News & Psy-ops

Russia has been waging a psy-ops against Merkel's regime, and as part of the upcoming deal, Russia will coordinate its "anti-establishment" psy-ops with German intelligence.

Play to Win

To stop losing the election, Merkel has to get some of the anti-American/anti-NATO vote from within Germany (the far left/right), and if she can secure some fringe support, her re-election is a sure thing.

US NeoCons Want Old Order

The US NeoCons, including McCain and others, are very anxious about Merkel seeking a more pro-Russian coalition in her government and accepting this New Order. It means the NeoCons and the American Empire Dreamers have been completely defeated, from Iraq to Crimea.