Merkel and Trump: Drowning Xi at Davos

Let us start with the ceremonial execution of President Xi, Loser Sans Pareil in this New Order. However, before we go to Davos, the Globalist Black Sabbath, we have to examine the new relationship between Trump and Merkel.

Xi's Imperial Vision: Ally With a Servile Russia, Defeat US in Pacific, and then Blackmail Germany

Xi's original plan, as we discussed in an earlier article on the Russian-Chinese alliance, was to gain regional hegemony in the Pacific and use it, eventually, to crush Germany's economy and make Europe submit to Chinese economic dominence.

Until Trump had won, it seemed that this plan was going to work.

Xi Jinping: Pathetic Begging at Davos

President Xi of China has quickly realized that Great Orange Tsar, Trump, understood how to destroy his mafia regime and crush his aspirations of controlling the South China Sea.

How does Xi know this?

Every Job Repatriated to the US is a Knife in Xi's Back

Xi depends on capital inflows into China through Chinese exports. When America moves to a strategic position of labor repatriation, the servile hordes of Chinese workers no longer can drive precious dollars into China's completely bankrupt and precarious banking and monetary system.

This also helps, as we said in an earlier article, make a US embargo of Chinese goods in retaliation for a Chinese embargo of Taiwan (which is China's first move to escalate to a war) a politically viable response to regional Chinese aggression.

Xi knows this very, very well, and it undermines his power. Already, certain cliques within China are signaling a desire to work with Trump.

Merkel and Trump: Trolling Together

Merkel is completely aligned with Trump on Europe: the Kissinger plan is a GO, and the European Army will become a reailty.

Trump Criticized Merkel on Migrants to Help Her Win Election

Trump's critique of Merkel is meant to maximize her publicity-boost from her upcoming mass-deportations of the migrant horde within Germany.

Merkel needs a huge shock-effect from her upcoming mass-deporations, and Trump's derisive statements only help her regain crucial credibility . Also, Trump's statements suggest Merkel's independence from Trump, something that appeals to many German voters who like to entertain self-determination in their own politics.

Merkel Allowed NDP to Remain a Party

Merkel needs the NDP to attract the intractable far-right. She also needs to keep the NDP viable so that patriotic Germans don't feel compelled to vote in a referendum against the ruling Elite, and so by preserving a modicum of political freedom, the expectation is that the "swing vote" in Germany will moderate towards Merkel, especially after her upcoming massive migrant crackdown.

Trump & Merkel: Bogus Trade Dispute Statements

Every negative word said between Trump and the Germans, recently, was directed completely at President Xi.

Merkel and Trump are working together to implement the Kissinger Vision for Europe.

Proof Merkel & Trump Together: Both Skipped Davos

When Merkel and Trump both skipped Davos, it was a VERY clear sign to Xi that the Kissinger plan was in play.

Xi now has to depend on his loser NeoCon hacks in the West and their increasingly rogue elements in the security services to provoke or sabotage this massive and historical pivot.

Recent noise in the Balkans and Persian Gulf is from provocateurs from within this losing faction.

Globalists Getting Shlonged: Financial Times Edition

The Financial Times, the premiere Globalist rag, launched unrelenting attacks against Trump and his new Chinese strategy.

The Globalists are losing their access to China's elite, and so they will continue to scream about it and collaborate with entrenched lugenpresse elements to try and undermine the Trump World Order whenever possible.

Jiang Zemin & Trump's Madame Chiang

Trump's Transportiation Secretary, Elaine Chao, is personal friends with Jiang Zemin.

This is significant because Xi and Zemin are mortal enemies. In fact, the massive Tianjin blast in 2015 was rumoured to have been an assassination attempt to blow-up Jiang Zemin's train as it passed by.

Elaine Chao will lead Trump's efforts to bring down Xi's clique and restore Jiang Zemin's faction.

Plan: Bring Down Xi From Within

With Xi's losing his globalist allies from abroad and his coalition internally, he will face a hard decision and have to relent on his South China Sea ambitions.