McCain's Mission: Crimea!

Now that we got that Wikileaks noise out of the way, let's talk hard politics!

Victor Pinchuk: Kissinger's Ambassador

Many Ukrainians are very upset with Trump, publicly decrying his Kissinger plan, sold by Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk, to the Ukrainian public.

The Ukrainian people are politically conscious and fully aware of what is going on, right now, and are deeply divided on what to do about the two factions in the US that support entirely different destinies for their country.

Fight in DC Parallels Fight in Kiev

The battle over the Trump administration, right now, maps directly to the battle in Kiev in implementing a new peace treaty that concedes Crimea to Russia.

As of now, Donbas is being touted by Pinchuk as a frozen conflict, but we're sceptical that is nothing but a salve for Russian media to go easy on Putin, because Putin WILL return Donbas to Kiev's control, under the Kissinger plan.

McCain in Mariupol

McCain rallied his anti-Trump/anti-peace forces in Ukraine with his trip to the front and meetings with the government: the purpose was to forestall Kissinger's peace plan and keep the war against Russia going until Ukraine has regained Crimea.

No Peace in DC Until Peace in Ukraine

McCain and the anti-Russia faction will not stop attacking Trump and his administration until they either are completely defeated or successfully sabotage Kissinger's peace plan with Putin.

Dirty Tricks: Change Facts on the Ground in Ukraine to Force Trump's Hand in DC

If the anti-Trump team wants to get really nasty, they can arrange provocations with Kolomoisky or other desperate factions, but it's not clear that will be tolerated, for now.