Martin Shkreli: Bringing a Daraprim to an Epi-Pen Fight

The Lost Sinner

Martin Shkreli ran a fraudulent hedge fund that lost its investors money. He was on the path to ruin, with both the SEC and DoJ pursuing him with criminal and civil cases. Things looked grim for Martin.

However, Fate had greater plans for our future hero.

Core of Trump's Obamacare Reform: Attack Big Pharma

Obama, for a variety of reasons, was unable to attack Big Pharma as he exhausted his healthcare capital in passing Obamacare legislation. However, his successor would have a chance at reforming Big Pharma.

The core of the Trump administration's Obamacare reform is attacking the windfall profits of the pharmaceutical industry in order to lower healthcare costs.

To achieve this reform, Trump needs massive political support to overcome the Big Pharma lobby and cronies.

Big Pharma Mafia: Untouchable

Big Pharma executives were generally off-limits: they were either related to or directly connected to Congressmen or potent lobbyists.

However, without attacking Big Pharma's stranglehold on the US healthcare system, the viability of the entire US healthcare system and the solvency of the US government's healthcare entitlement programs was at risk.

Bringing a Daraprim to an Epi-Pen Fight

Before founding Turing Pharmaceuticals, Shkreli was fired from his scandal-ridden company, Retrophin, which he used to help cover losses within his own hedge fund and finance investor arbitration expenses.

Shkreli had the Eastern District of New York and the SEC chasing him with both criminal and civil complaints. He was out of friends and running out of time.

Martin's Bargain: Form a Big Pharma Trolling Machine in Exchange for Freedom

Up until now, Shkreli was just another wiseguy sleazebag in the pharmaceutical industry. However, with both the SEC and DoJ on his back, he was desperate for anything, and with his penchant for trolling, he eagerly took up the offer to become America's Most Hated Man and the epitome of all that was wrong with Big Pharma and, just maybe, redeem himself and help serve the Public Good.

Turing Pharmaceuticals Financing: $90m Troll Machine Against Big Pharma

Shkreli led the financing of Turing himself and refused to name any of its investors, keeping their identities confidential. This was of course essential, since the primary purpose of Turing was to troll Big Pharma, not make money.

Shkreli: From Anonymous to Global Villain in Record Time

Shkreli had to keep a straight-face and lie to the public about why he raised an AIDS medication's price 5,000%.

As expected, this trolling operation led to a massive public outrage against not only Shkreli, but the Big Pharma industry as a whole: the supine public immediately became engaged and critical of Big Pharma, and the media hysteria forced Congress to conduct a public hearing on Turing and how and why it was able to raised the price of Daraprim over 5,000%.

By successfully dragging Congress into the Daraprim scandal, Big Pharma Reformers won the battle, but it was only a test for a real one yet to come.

Punishing the Real Scammers: the Mylan Mafia

Mylan had raised Epi-Pen prices 400%, earning them windfall profits and plundering the precarious finances of States and the Federal government that had to cover the cost of these pens.

Mylan's CEO, the daughter of Senator Manchin, was an untouchable elite... until Shkreli's troll operation breached Big Pharma's political defences and made Mylan too toxic for any Congressman to defend, including her father, Republican Senator Joe Manchin.

Because of the success of the Turing Troll operation, Mylan was forced to released a generic version of its Epi-pen, thus conceding defeat to the Big Pharma Reformers and signalling to the capital markets and DC lobbyists that Big Pharma's glory days were over.

With Turing and Mylan Battles Won, Big Pharma Reformers Prepare to Win the War

Shkreli and Mylan were just the beginning: a much bigger battle approaches that will impact not only the pharmaceutical industry, but fundamentally alter the balance of power within Congress and the American oligarchy.

What we have seen so far is but a prelude of what is to come, and Trump, Troll Sans Pareil, will successfully use his provocative performances to help break the Big Pharma stranglehold of the US economy and public health system.